Xinfin Network All Set to Launch the Much-awaited Andromeda Upgrade

The Andromeda Upgrade of the Xinfin Network is ready to go. On December 1, 2021, the XDC Network will debut its XDPoS consensus protocol at block 38383838 as per the estimated target time on The Apothem network’s protocol team tested the upgrade on the Testnet, and this improvement will enhance XinFin’s Mainnet.

This will upgrade Solidity to v0.8.x. That is, XDPoS’ EVM will utilize Solidity 2.0. (Ethereum Virtual Machine). XinFin’s ecosystem partners and internal products may leverage several EVM chains without substantial modification.

This update will also affect how fees are computed. The owner will now get transaction fees instead of the miners. The Eth_chainId prevents transaction replay, adding to system security. Detecting malicious nodes requires military-grade protection and forensic surveillance. The XDC Network upgrade uses the most advanced BFT consensus mechanism to give military-grade security and performance with few resources.

The Mainnet update significantly reduces block generation delays caused by many miner addresses. Owners of XDC who utilize Guarda or other wallet providers or exchanges need to take no action. Wallet or exchange service changes will be communicated to investors.

Owners of XDC master nodes must ensure they are current. As a consequence, the network advised users to update to the current version following the steps to upgrade on their official announcement. Masternode owners can join the Slack channel, Telegram channel, and live support on Zoom to resolve any queries on node updation.

Also, no modifications will be made to existing stakes, ledger states, or XDCs. The modification affects APIs and data, and the same goes for browser, wallet, and exchange connectivity. After the update, the XDPoS1.0 public ledger will increase. Thus, Xinfin users should expect a smooth and transparent upgrade procedure.

This major upgrade will help Ethereum EVM projects move to the XinFin Network. The block network consumes 99 percent less energy than the PoW network and almost no gas. Also, the 2-second block finality mechanism beats other PoW-based networks’ normal block finality times of many minutes.

Years of research and development have resulted in this enhancement. A document was released revealing all the upgrade details. The participants are Pramod Viswanath, Gerui Wang, Liam Lai, and Fisher Yu. DPoS 2.0 is a decentralized consensus engine proposed for the XDC Network.

The XinFin XDC Network’s benefits over Ethereum and have attracted more projects. The XDC Network will soon have two more DEXs that list all XRC20 Tokens. BlockScan Explorer has confirmed 500+ contracts and 1 million active wallets on the network.