Dual Cityzen — Powerful Web3 Community Framework for Influencers

  • Leveraging the Web 3.0 tools, Dual CityZen aims for influencers to get the autonomy and control of their fan communities.
  • It also seeks to build a creator economy that encourages a new, interdependent ownership mechanism.
  • Dual Cityzen provides the infrastructure influencers need to build thriving Metaverse communitie.

Looking at the current digital world we find ourselves in, it has been clear for a very long time that the age of centralization is slowly shifting, towards decentralization. This shift has gathered, and continues to gather momentum and drives the latest web 3.0 debate, but asks the critical question – who is really in control?

Whilst there are benefits to both centralization and decentralization, people should understand the differences before making a call on what is best for them, and critically analyse the platforms fundamental structures.

Web 3.0 enables a future where distributed users and machines are able to interact with data, value, and other counterparties via a substrate of peer-to-peer networks without the need for third parties. The result: a composable human-centric & privacy-preserving computing fabric for the next wave of the web.

This Web 3.0 is designed to better serve the end-user – this is exactly what Dual CityZen aims to do according to the team behind the project. Founder and CEO, Kedreon Cole had the following to say about the project:

We believe it is time that influencers get the autonomy and control of their fan communities. Far too long, the power has sat with the platform, and they (centralized platforms) want to keep this data, for their own use.

Furthermore, if an influencer is able to use the data better, they will be able to better engage with fans as well as deliver better value for brands, as the blockchain can and does provide transparency and a true sense of ownership economy.

When looking at the credentials of the team behind this project, it is clear that the pedigree is strong – Kedreon Cole, not only launched and successful manages XR Sports, an influencer-led community-driven gaming-inspired personalized media platform (with a B2B focus vs. the Dual Cityzen platform focusing on the influencers in the ownership economy), funding secured through Google Venture, as well as the Scoreboard venture, as well as having NBA giants Dallas Mavericks as a prime client.

The ultimate goal of everything Kedreon Cole does is this: Delivering personalized social media platforms for Influencers, powered by social competitions and mobile games, making Kedreon a true MVP in the web 3.0 space.

In addition to the calibre of staff on the project, they are seamlessly aligned to deliver the best to those who are involved in the project and participate in this ownership economy. Looking at the project, and the team involved, it is clear that Dual Cityzen has been assembling what can arguably be called the web 3.0 All-Star team.

As a radically inclusive team from all over the world, global best practice is pioneered, rather than followed, as they set out to build a global network of digital activity centers (DAC’s) for the Metaverse, as well as the best platform for influencers.

The ownership economy – by way of decentralized autonomous organizations (aka DAO) and non-fungible tokens (aka NFT) – builds a business on top of the creator economy that encourages creators, operators, and the community to collaborate together under a new, interdependent ownership mechanism that combines the best of both (legacy and creator economy) – A further impact the Dual Cityzen platform aims to bring.

When speaking at the 2020 CES Conference in January, Mark Cuban spoke about the potential of AI, Decentralisation, and coding, and had the following to say: “If you don’t know AI, you’re the equivalent of somebody in 1999 saying, ‘I’m sure this internet thing will be OK, but I don’t give a s—,’ “If you want to be relevant in business, you have to or you will be a dinosaur very quickly.” 

Dual Cityzen is in the prime position to take the influencer economy to the next level, through utilising the best that the ownership economy has to offer, and leverage the Web 3.0 tools available to deliver true value that influencers can pass on to fans as well as brands. The question influencers should be asking themselves, is “When will I get my Dual Cityzenship?”

Dual Cityzen provides the infrastructure influencers need to build thriving Metaverse communities. Equipped with Web 3.0 governance, access tokens & powered by innovative NFT solutions, Dual Cityzen empowers you to build and take control of your own Metaverse Communities.