Flickto Herds Media Financing Towards A New Era Using The Cardano Blockchain

Flickto, a recently launched project on the Cardano blockchain, is a community-powered media launchpad that is meant to change the way that projects are financed. In the current age, media can be easily producible and widely distributed to a diverse community of viewers. However, one problem that producers run into is securing financing for these media projects and Flickto aims to make this process easier.

With Flickto, community sponsoring and financing have never been easier. It brings together users across its growing base to fund selected projects by various artists. This is a first-of-its-kind launchpad and its success since launch shows that the project is filling a gap that has been left unfilled for far too long.

With help from advisors including Ben Morris and Geraint Harvard Jones, both with decades of media industry experience between them, Flickto will be the first launchpad to bring projects into the real world that people will someday be able to see in movie theaters or on their TV screens.

How Does Flickto Finance Projects?

Flickto combines its native token, FLICK, with the power of Cardano staking to provide financing to artists. Users of the FLICK tokens can vote on projects they want to see financed by staking their tokens. Staking provides voting rights to the holders and also brings them rewards from distribution royalties after the media projects are launched.

Artists of all kinds can be financed by the Flickto project. These could range from film to TV, to NFTs, and streaming content. Flickto, in short, puts everyday individuals in a position where they can benefit from the billion-dollar media industry, instead of all of the profits going to media conglomerates.

Benefits Of Flickto

With Flickto, users are strategically positioned to benefit from tokens that they hold, be it ADA or FLICK. Flickto uses the ISPO model, a sustainable way to finance projects, which users can be a part of by becoming delegators.

Since its launch on November 1st, Flickto has grown week-on-week to almost 200 delegates in its pool. There are currently over 1.5 million ADA staked in Active Stake.

Users who participate in project voting earn rewards for doing so. In addition to being entitled to a share of distribution royalties from successfully funded projects. This way, both ADA and FLICK tokens are working for all users and bringing them rewards for their participation.

Where To Buy FLICK Tokens

Flickto is currently in the private sale stage of the project. Investors who wish to invest more than $500 (acceptable in all major cryptocurrencies) in the project are eligible to participate in the private sale. The private sale will open its next phase this weekend.

Flickto Media has announced that it will IDO on KICK.io, a decentralized fundraising platform on the Cardano network.

Going forward, FLICK will be listed on major centralized and decentralized exchanges to ensure that the token is evenly distributed across the crypto market and available to purchase for users who wish to be part of the community. FLICK holders will also be able to stake their tokens for additional rewards.

FLICK has a total supply of 5,000,000,000, with a 65% public distribution. Users are already being rewarded as Flickto recently concluded the airdrop of two NFTs for ADA delegators in the Flickto ISPO pools.