HALO Network Has Entered the 2.0 Era and Continues to Empower the Crypto World

Place/Date: – December 2nd, 2021 at 10:05 am UTC · 5 min read
Source: HALO Network

Photo: HALO Network

When we look back at the history of blockchain, we can see that it is a technology that is always changing and evolving. This type of revolution is part of the blockchain industry’s allure, and it’s one of the reasons why the blockchain concept is gaining traction. Since this year, the public chain has grown in popularity, NFT has sparkled, and cross-chain has risen to popularity. The whole blockchain world is amazing with the assistance of the meta-universe, ushering in a larger area for development.

After a decline following the liquidity mining boom, DeFi reappeared in the mainstream in October of this year, bringing with it a new 2.0 concept, refreshing and strengthening DeFi’s durability and inventiveness.

HALO Network is without a doubt the most valued of the rival DeFi public chains. In terms of underlying technology and ecology structure, the HALO Network offers a great potential. It has gathered a great deal of support in a short period and has become a superstar project in the DeFi area. HALO Network, on the other hand, does not rest on its laurels and plaudits; it is continually growing and evolving, as proven by the upcoming HALO Network 2.0.

The “Surface and Connotation” of HALO Network 2.0

HALO Network introduced the PoS-Node governance module in version 2.0, establishing the super node, node candidate, and other four ecology roles, upgrading the rights and interests of users in the HALO ecosystem. The ecology autonomy of users in the HALO ecosystem was substantially established by these updates and upgrades. HALO achieved the decentralization goal, but it also cut off the project part and those with too much authority to do evil.

If the upgrade of user rights and interests indicates that HALO has a diverse user ecosystem, then the upgrade of public chain performance increases the ecological value of HALO to greater levels.

HALO Network has done its duty in terms of evolution, unlike other public chains that are ambitious but hesitant to go forward. HALO Network has been completely optimized in terms of public chain performance, economic model, super nodes, and other aspects as part of this 2.0 upgrade. HALO Network reduces the cost of network consumption, ensures network security, and improves network efficiency while providing users with ecology autonomy.

The Blockchain Performance

HALO Network’s processing performance has improved dramatically with the 2.0 upgrade, with TPS increasing from 1000/s to 2000/s and processing speed doubled. HALO Network has entered a phase of fast development as a result of TPS expansion. Users will be able to interact more effectively and swiftly through the HALO Network ecosystem in the future, since HALO will be able to quickly gather more consensus. At the same time, as performance improves, users will consume less GAS, providing a critical technological foundation for the HALO Network’s consensus explosion.

 The Super Nodes

There will be 21 super nodes in the HALO Network 2.0 ecosystem. Super nodes will be elected from among node candidates by the community. Pledge rewards, super node ecology rewards, block rewards, and other benefits will be available to super nodes, as well as ecological decision rights and super node bonuses. It may be claimed that by participating in HALO ecology decision-making, users would be able to enjoy all the benefits of the HALO Network’s development dividend. These 21 super nodes are the ones who profit the most from the HALO Network, which really is a blue sea of value.

The Economic Model Upgrading

The initial issue of HALO’s token HOs will be 21 million, and after that, a user vote will be performed to decide the reduction rules.

With the advent of the HALO Network 2.0 ecosystem, HALO is certain to gain a large amount of community participation and a large number of supporters. Furthermore, the establishment of super nodes and ecology roles will encourage HALO users to devote more time and effort in the development of the HALO ecosystem. At that time, the HALO token “HO” will undoubtedly demonstrate more acceptance and value potential. HO holders will benefit from an increasing number of high-quality rights and interests as the HALO Network’s ecological economy grows. Users that participate earlier in the HALO ecosystem have a greater chance of becoming winners.

The Retrospect and Prospect

When we examine the evolution of the HALO Network, we can see that it differs from today’s projects. HALO Network isn’t very good at delivering storytelling, but it has been working on its own goals, such as upgrading its technology and providing users significant autonomy. Such practical projects are required in our period, and only such projects can serve as the standard for the crypto world and drive it toward a bright future. Peaches and plums do not talk, yet a path is formed beneath them. Every HALO Ecology user is on the verge of becoming a HALO Ecology evangelist. When HALO Network becomes a major crypto project, it will dispel the doom and establish a new standard for the industry.