2022 Seoul SIGNIS World Congress is set to be the World’s first Catholic event held in the Metaverse




The 2022 Seoul SIGNIS World Congress Organizing Committee and GG56 Korea, a blockchain-based consumer satisfaction big data company, had an MOA signing ceremony at the SIGNIS Organizing Committee office located at Sogang University’s Joeng Ha-sang Hall on December 1st (local date).

Kim Seung-wal, Chairperson of the SIGNIS Executive Committee, Han Seung-soo, the Chairman of the SIGNIS Organizing Committee and Kim Young-kun, CEO of GG56 Korea (left to right)

The MOA signing ceremony was attended by former Prime Minister Han Seung-soo, the Chairman of the SIGNIS Organizing Committee, Kim Seung-wal, Chairperson of the SIGNIS Executive Committee, and Kim Young-Kun, CEO of GG56 Korea.

Through this agreement, GG56 Korea will provide its technical support to the SIGNIS Organizing Committee in constructing a metaverse platform for the successful hosting of the 2022 Seoul SIGNIS World Congress which is planned to be held at Sogang University in Seoul from August 16 to 19, 2022, with the theme of “Peace in the Digital World.” Taking into consideration the travel restrictions caused by the global pandemic, the SIGNIS Organizing Committee decides to hold the 2022 Seoul SIGNIS World Congress in the metaverse, while having local events in Seoul as planned simultaneously. In this regard, the 2022 Seoul SIGNIS World Congress (SWC) will be the world’s first Catholic event to be held in the Metaverse, enabling many Catholics around the world to participate in and enjoy the events in real-time.

Besides conducting Catholic mass, meetings and voting on metaverse, the 2022 Seoul SIGNIS World Congress will also provide an exclusive and incredible opportunity where His Holiness Pope Francis will be giving his blessings to the attendees who participate in the SIGNIS World Congress opening ceremony. In addition, the 2022 Seoul SIGNIS World Congress will offer a unique opportunity of the virtual pilgrimage by embodying the major sacred Catholic sites of Korea on metaverse, allowing the participants to enjoy beautiful and realistic tours to the sites and understand universal yet cultural-specific Catholic teachings. 




The organizing committee stated that the SIGNIS World Congress in the metaverse is expected to not only resolve cross-border travel restrictions amid the ongoing global health crisis by having a wider population of Catholics, journalists, and media officials across the world but allow them to participate in various sessions and programs and to communicate one another. Moreover, the Committee also added that the metaverse platform will enable participants to engage in various discussions with one another, transforming this event into a meaningful venue for sharing universal Catholic values as well as cultural heritage. Former Prime Minister Han Seung-soo emphasized that adopting the metaverse technology will showcase Korea’s willingness to embrace new innovations as one of the pioneers of the 4th industrial revolution. Finally, GG56 Korea expressed that they feel honored yet responsible for contributing to this event by providing its technical support in building the metaverse platform which can be a gateway to connect 1.34 billion Catholics worldwide. 

SIGNIS is a worldwide Vatican-accredited organization of Catholic communicators, with headquarters in Rome and Brussels. SIGNIS Korea (Seoul) is working closely with Korean broadcasters such as KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, and CPBC.

GG56 is a blockchain-based company established in Hong Kong in 2019, with its branches in Korea and other parts of the world. The main services the company provides include: – ‘FingeRate 2.0’ metaverse platform, ‘SoT’ satisfaction evaluation system, and ‘Pass&Go’ all in one digital pass solution that authenticates PCR test results and vaccination records. 

GG56 Korea aims to uphold its mission of realizing “Global Good” by building a system of trust and leveraging advanced technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things, and NFT asset trading. In addition, GG56 Korea is committed to the global good using its cutting-edge technology, along with its International Advisory Board (IAB) comprised of fifteen world-renowned leaders.


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