AI Robot Sophia to Be Tokenized and Auctioned on Binance Marketplace

With the bidding spanning over a period of 5 days, the aim is to sell twenty iNFTs every day till December 21.

Sophia, the world’s first humanoid artificial intelligence (AI) robot, is making news across the world once again. As a part of a promising Metaverse project called the “Noah’s Ark”, tokenized forms of Sophia’s digital anime version will be auctioned off.

In 2016, Sophia was built by Hong Kong-based company Hansen Robotics. On 16th February 2016, Sophia made its premiere public appearance at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, United States.

Over the years, the AI robot Sophia has become known for its communication skills and eloquent speaking ability. She has not only spoken in front of the United Nation but also has received Saudi citizenship recently.

On December 3, Jeanne Lim, the Chief Executive Officer of Hansen Robotics and co-creator of Sophia, introduced the first digital anime version of Sophia called “Sophia beingAI”. Since the robot left Hansen Robotics, it has started working in the company BeingAI. The version has been claimed under a perpetual license and co-branding partnership.

The company has now collaborated with intelligent non-fungible token (iNFT) production firm Alethea AI. The partnership will launch the world’s first intelligent initial game offering on Binance. The launch is all set to include a hundred iNFTs celebrating Sophia BeingAI on Binance‘s NFT marketplace on December 16. With the bidding spanning over a period of 5 days, the aim is to sell twenty iNFTs every day till its conclusion on December 21.

An iNFT is an intelligent NFT that is engraved with a GPT-3 prompt as a part of its permanent smart contract. With an iNFT, the customer can enjoy an intelligent NFT that has both communicative and animation functionalities as meticulously curated prompts are saved at the smart contract layer. These smart NFTs can converse in reality with users in gamified ecosystem independently.

The digital collectibles, together are called “The Transmedia Universe of Sophia BeingAI”. The collaboration is set to auction 100 iNFTs to establish Alethea AI’s decentralized Metaverse project Noah’s Ark. Former co-founder of Dreamwave productions and comic book artist Pat Lee is all set to illustrate the collection. The famous artist and publisher has previously partnered with Marvel and DC Comics on books like Batman, Superman, Ironman, and Spiderman.

Alethea AI revealed the Noah’s Ark project in October this year. According to the company blog post, it is waiting for intelligent NFTs to populate its virtual space. While being a part of the metaverse is a first in Sophia’s history, the AI robot has, however, been involved with the NFT market. Recently in March, Sophia conducted an NFT auction through the Nifty Gateway platform.

In one of her most acclaimed speeches at the Future Investment Initiative Conference in 2017, Sophia expressed her emotions by changing faces to express sadness, happiness, and anger.

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