BANXA Teams Up With Deribit, Leveling up Deribit’s Network

  • BANXA Holdings Inc. partners with Deribit.
  • Deribit customers can now access the Banxa Network.

The world’s first public payment service provider (PSP) and compliance RegTech platform for the digital asset industry — BANXA Holdings Inc. teams up with Deribit, an institutional-grade top 20 crypto derivatives platform. Through this partnership, Deribit customers can access the Banxa Network and enjoy the broadest range of payment options using Banxa’s secure, managed service. Luuk Strijers, CCO at Deribit explained,

Partnering with Banxa gives our customers access to more payment methods allowing them easier, faster, and safer access trading our derivatives products range. Our goal is to remain at the leading edge of the crypto derivatives market and opening expanded access via Banxa’s compliant and managed payment service is part of that future.

Furthermore, this partnership empowers Deribit traders with a long-term sustainable payments service solution for derivative and crypto trading. This is because of the combined technology and features that both networks possess. Deribit integrity and quality features together with Banxas’ provision of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliant payments solutions make both networks a powerhouse in the space.

Holger Arians, Banxa CEO said, “Our integration into Deribit’s trading service allows us to give additional customers access to digital currency safely, giving a new and broader demographic of crypto traders access to quick, easy and compliant payment methods. As the industry continues to mature, Banxa’s goal is to provide the best conversions for our Network and the best user experience to their customers.

On the other hand, Banxas’ payment service provides partners with an integrated solution for on and off-ramp cash to crypto conversion. The Banxa managed service offers full compliance, AML, and KYC monitoring, allowing its partners like Deribit to focus on their customers and pursue innovation in the crypto space.