BitMart CEO Addresses Hacking Concerns, BitMart Keeps Top 30 Rank


  • BitMart CEO addressed hacking concerns via tweet.
  • BitMart remains one of the top 30 exchanges.

Crypto hacking is one of the common cyber threats that the crypto world has endured in the past years. In fact, hacking is a word that is not new anymore in the crypto world. For example, these past days, unknown hackers have successfully penetrated the blockchain of the BitMart exchange. As a result, the exchange lost more than $150 million worth of digital currencies such as ETH and BSC tokens.

The incident came as a shock to the BitMart community, especially the holders of the affected tokens that were stolen. Also, this event spread like wildfire in the crypto space and gathered different opinions. This made the CEO of BitMart, Sheldon Xia react in a tweet post:

The tweet explains how the BitMart company plans to compensate its losses for the hacking incident. Furthermore, Sheldon Xia also stated that they are creating multiple teams to work on a project that will ensure the protection of its users. Indeed, this tweet made by the exchange CEO addressed the incident and provided peace of mind to its investors and traders. 

On the other hand, despite the hacking event, BitMart remains one of the top 30 crypto exchanges in CoinGecko. The exchange ranks along with the biggest exchanges such as Bithumb and KuCoin, to name some. With this, we can say that BitMart remains competitive in spite of the hacking challenges it faced lately.