Bumper Finance Gears Public Token Sale After $17M Funding Success

Source : coinquora.com


  • Bumper Finance will launch a public token sale on December 09.
  • The network offers deals for investors to acquire BUMP at a lower cost.

The crypto world continues to be acknowledged by many countries and investors around the world. The Bumper Finance (BUMP) network is one of the crypto platforms in the space that has gained the trust of crypto investors around the world. In detail, the crypto was able to record a $17.5 million funding in the BUMP Pre-Sale in the past months.

After the success of their initial funding, the network is set to launch another public token sale on December 09. This event will enable investors to buy the token for as low as $1.25 instead of $1.50. However, the buyers of the tokens must stake the tokens for 3 months in order to be availed of the offer. The BUMP public token sale opened its registration last December 2.

Furthermore, the investors of the token will become a central part of the Bumper ecosystem, which will in the future adopt a DAO structure, and enable the BUMP token holders to vote for changes to the protocol, utilize its core protection function and act as a critical element to the balancing mechanisms. Token holders will also be able to stake their tokens in the protocol as a core module and in return for generous rewards.

On the other hand, Bumper Finance introduces “God Mode” into the crypto and DeFi markets. This feature will give users the opportunity to minimize losses on downwards price action, and also enable them to ride the wave back up if their assets recover after a drop in price.

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