ODIN Integrates AI with Blockchain to Empower Traders

  • ODIN integrates artificial intelligence with blockchain.
  • The project connects traders and investors.
  • The platform provides news, analytics, and educational materials.

As the market gets flooded with various blockchain projects, new startups with unique selling propositions arise. A project called ODIN aims to integrate artificial intelligence with blockchain to empower traders with social bridging, analytics, and educational material.

According to the team, the project aims to give a multitude of benefits to its users. They described the project as,

a revolutionary new Blockchain-based ecosystem poised to make trading more accessible, secure, and transparent with a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading platform.

The project aims to integrate several exchanges into a single platform that’s multifunctional, user-friendly, and powerful. It will be transparent and fast — reducing the required time for information gathering is also a priority for the team.

Aside from this, the platform also aims to connect traders and investors by showing the performance of successful traders to others so that they can have references before making decisions to invest in cryptocurrencies.

By giving traders access to analytics, they will have a deeper understanding before setting up their trades. With this, the platform focuses on providing educational material on a whole new level.

Giving advice is also not simply free. Experience traders can earn money by giving their inputs to interested traders and investors. Users can choose to follow and learn from traders that are very successful.