Announcing SolidCord: the Crypto World’s Answer to Facebook and Twitter

Place/Date: – December 9th, 2021 at 7:36 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: SolidRay,
Source: SolidCord

Crypto enthusiasts looking for a Christmas present for themselves need look no further.

Available now on the PancakeSwap exchange is the SolidRay Finance token (SRT). It’s the home of SolidCord, a platform that’s ready to fill a gaping niche in people’s lives by serving as a dedicated social media hub for the crypto world.

Following a successful presale, SolidRay is still trading at an attractive level – and cryptocurrency investors looking at the next big thing to support are being encouraged to take a really close look at this exciting project.

SolidCord is a genuine pioneer in the crypto space. It’s for crypto professionals, curious newbies and everyone in between. It represents a turning point for both crypto and social media. The crypto world is crying out for an initiative like this.

At a time when blockchain is breaking deeper and deeper into the mainstream, this is the moment for early adopters to wake up to SolidCord’s mighty potential.

An Optimized Platform for the Crypto Community

No longer will the blockchain community be forced to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit which are simply not optimized for their needs.

Instead they will have something dedicated to enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of the crypto world.

Whether you know how to build your own blockchain or just enjoy joining the discourse, SolidCord will be the number one destination to get your social media fix.

As well as serving as a channel for hosting, sharing and streaming the best in crypto content, SolidCord will also host forums, deep-dive discussions and educational webinars.

There will be an analysis hub, detailing new project listings and comparing different blockchains.

And at a time when recruitment is so important within the crypto space, it will publicize crypto-based career opportunities, bringing together the new blockchain companies needing to source and hire great talent and those individuals eager to access great jobs.

SolidCord will also host services like Crypto Swaps and Network Bridges – it’s a truly groundbreaking offering. Development is almost complete: the service is being refined as we speak and set to reach full fruition in 2022.

A Showcase for NFT Artists

SolidCord will transform the way people interact and build their own networks and communities on the blockchain, while providing exceptional security for all users.

It will build an upbeat atmosphere, keeping its community engaged through regular AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions), contests and giveaways.

Creative participation will be encouraged – SolidCord is already looking for NFT artists and will aim to attract the very best through competitions, community events and polls.

Is it not too ambitious to suggest SolidRay and SolidCord could do for crypto precisely what Twitch has done for gamers.

The SolidRay utility token is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and serves as the governance token for the Solid ecosystem.

While SolidCord serves as a stand-alone social media experience, SolidRay itself is poised to provide the ecosystem and framework for all social media content provision sitting on the BSC.

As part of this offering, it will host a messaging service and provide servers to host blockchain and cryptocurrency ads across the BSC.

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