BitMart Exchange Tightens Its Security Protocols After Its Severe Hack


  • BitMart exchange said it has tightened its platform security after protocols after its recent security breach
  • Users have to confirm a new deposit address in their accounts before initiating a deposit.

BitMart exchange said they have put measures in place to strengthen their security protocols after their hacking incident. They revealed the self-defense measures on how they managed to fight back the notorious imposter for further loss. According to BitMart, before eliminating the perpetrators, they conducted a careful in-depth investigation all over their networks before they were able to stop the culprit.

To reinforce and enhance stiff security, BitMart has replaced a new deposit address for all tokens on its platform including BTC, ETH, and SOL. BitMart advised that users have to log into their account and verify the new deposit address before they start depositing.

Meanwhile, the BitMart security team is working seriously to investigate the cause of the breach. Interestingly, the post noted that BitMart is now working hand-in-hand with cybersecurity specialists to track the hacker. Doing this will further strengthen their defense against any possible future attack.

Additionally, the exchange said it has collaborated with law enforcement agencies and one other crypto platform to mitigate any risk. BitMart cited that they are not the only crypto exchange that has suffered this kind of security breach, rather, lots of many heavyweight exchanges have been in their situation.

Furthermore, the company expressed how grateful they are to their users, partners, and friends for standing by them despite this crucial situation. They have pledged to work extra harder to resume operations soon.