DeFi and Crypto Investors Raises $3.5 Million for izumi Finance Series A Funding Round

  • Izumi announces it has successfully closed its Series A fundraising round of $3.5.
  • The funds realized will facilitate izumi’s native token (iZi) launch happening on December 20.
  • Also, izumi will launch its “LiquidBox” platform on December 21.

izumi Finance, a budding, fresh, and innovative protocol that provides programmable liquidity mining on UniSwap V3 says it realized $3.5 million after a successful Series A fundraising round that it just ended. Adding up this last funding round, izumi has raised a total of $5.6 million.

The said funds accrued will go towards facilitating the launch of izumi’s native token, iZi which is expected to take place on December 20. Following that, izumi’s ‘LiquidBox’ platform will be unveiled on December 21.

The prominent investors for the Series A fundraising are as follows Mirana Ventures, IOSG, Cadenza, FENBUSHI, EVG, Hashkey, GSR, CyberX, Bixin, WOO Network, Dorahacks, Gate Labs, MEXC. While the individual investors include Nansen, Perp, Chainlink, and Babel.

The underlying feature of the ‘LiquidBox’ is that it will help solve numerous issues such as the increased impermanent losses by investors in both UniSwap V3 mining. As well as the issues encountered due to the classic UniSwap V2 design. By doing so, investors are guaranteed an increase in their earnings and also for projects to effectively pull liquidity with token rewards.

LiquidBox’s design of assigning reward tokens according to distinct rules to achieve a quality outcome for the projects creates a win-win situation for both users. It also solves the ‘Pool2 dilemma’ usually associated with excessive dilution.

To earn on the LiquidBox platform, users simply have to stake their tokens on izumi. Thus, taking advantage of the cheaper and larger liquidity pools.

Xinshu Dong, co-founder of IOSG reaffirms that izumi is building another missing lego in the DeFi puzzle by helping projects achieve target liquidity distribution, including enhanced concentrated liquidity, with a suite of tools. In addition,  Jimmy Yin, co-founder of izumi Finance says,

izumi’s vision is clear and meaningful: to help projects attract on-chain trading liquidity in an efficient and continuous way. “LiquidBox of izumi will be our first step, and a multi-chain liquidity solution is on the way. We sincerely welcome every project to izumi to come to us for better and cheaper liquidity.