Monster Academy – A Very Game-Like 3D Model Game Created by a Rare Professional Game Team

Monster Academy is an exciting and highly playable 3D game of monster combat, sold by the unique method of redemption based on the contribution of DAO, and will offer you a brand new gaming experience featuring fair competition, the fun monster blind box, the unique monster composition and the combat mode in which players and monsters cooperate with each other.

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Featuring a fair play system design, a unique Monster blind box module, and a combat mode in which players and monsters work together, Monster Academy will give you a brand-new gaming experience.

Monster Academy promises to be an entirely new experience in terms of gameplay and visuals. Understanding the gameplay, mastering your gaming skills, and being a part of the game ecosystem are required to earn tokens. Through training and combat, players can obtain blind box fragments and compose them into blind boxes which can produce important NFTs such as monster eggs, monster components, and experience potions. Through monster egg incubation or monster composition, you will have chances to own super rare monsters, which will make you a good fortune, or the darling on the battlefield. 

You can transfer your game assets to the blockchain at any time via peer-to-peer transactions, or, if you want to play the game, just reverse the above transaction. In addition to ensuring the safety and privacy of your game assets, this also provides that the player’s assets will not be affected in any way during the process.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable and easy-to-use game, Monster Academy has got just the thing.

To play the game, gamers need only a basic understanding of blockchain technology and no prior experience with the subject matter.


3D Production

Exquisitely detailed high-plane 3D models of the four professions’ monsters provide gamers with a realistic combat experience. They have NFT collection value and commemorative significance.


Monsters have different abilities that help them develop their specific professional attributes. As a result, players must play more strategically to succeed.


The monster world is made up of Four Elements of the West, and the monsters are divided into four races: Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind. All four elements of the Monster Academy represent a different monster race, with unique racial traits.

Monster blind box

A monster blind box is a direct way to produce gaming resources through the combination of blind box fragments, and it is a very exciting process to open a blind box each time. The monster blind box, which offers countless possibilities in the game, is a major commodity traded in the market, and therefore should be taken very seriously.


The monster world is full of dark forces. Lead your monsters and spirits to victory and rare rewards.


Build a large team of monsters and spirits, battle your opponents, and win big prizes.


The game’s unique strategy-combination gameplay adds to the fun and longevity. Meanwhile, you can easily defeat enemies or cause problems for them by combining creative strategies.

Community: DAO Organization

We hope to establish a DAO governance organization through the game, and the subsequent members of DAO will be able to make decisions on the game development through voting and share the dividends of the DAO prize pool. Through gaming, players can establish community communication to interact with each other. This is not a one-man’s combat, but a group of people making decisions and fighting together. Let’s enjoy the game and share the fun together.

The Game

Monster World

The Four Elements space consists of four continents and a massive floating island known as the Central Land, which serves as the neutral zone in the Four Elements space. When a crisis erupted, and the demons awoke, the prophets of the Water Spirits banded together with the spirits of the other three elements to establish a Monster Academy in the Central Land, where magic and combat skills are taught, and monster apprentices are deeply purified and upgraded to Messengers of Light, ready to fight the enemies and protect their homeland.


The core module of the game is divided into four modules: monster blind box module, synthesis system, game asset trading, and monster battle. We will launch it in two phases.

Phase I:

Core Modules: Monster blind box module, Asset Trading

Auxiliary Modules: Daily Tasks, Personal Settings, Monster Combat System, Monster Training

Phase II:

Core Modules: Monster synthesis, PVE Combat, PVP Combat, Monster Skill System

Auxiliary Modules: Combat Effects, Skill Effects, Mail Functions.

Monster blind box

The monster blind box is synthesized with monster fragments. In the first stage, monsters can obtain blind box fragments through training, and a certain number of blind box fragments can be pieced together into a blind box. The blind box is NFT which can be traded in the market. Meanwhile, the blind box can be opened in the game, producing one or more of [experience potion], [monster component], [monster body], or [monster egg].

Monster Egg

Monster eggs can be hatched when their training reach level 5, and the hatched monster cubs belong to one of the four spirit races – Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. Meanwhile, the monster cub will be given a grade. The better the grade, the higher the growth aptitude, and the more fragments you will get.

Monster component

The game has a total of 280 body parts designed for monsters, each of which has embedded skill attributes and grade points. The monster’s body parts and torso can be composed into a complete monster, which might be the best way for you to get the rare monster. You may also be able to get it by opening the monster blind box. In addition, the monster body parts are NFT, which can be traded in the market.

 Experience Potion

High-grade monsters can get more blind box fragments. If you want to upgrade the monster’s grade, you need the monster potion. The monster potion is NFT and produced through the monster blind box. Of course, you can always trade it in the market.

Monster synthesis

Do you want to own a super rare monster with your own choice of combinations? No problem at all. The monster consists of 7 body parts and a torso. Phase II will launch the monster composition system, through which you can create your own monster with monster torsos and body parts produced in the monster blind boxes. Some of these important body parts will determine a monster’s grade. Please study the composition system carefully if you’d like to create a high-grade, super rare monster.

Asset Trading

Monster Academy offers gamers a convenient and user-friendly asset trading platform where they can sell their monsters or buy the monsters they need to excel in the game.

To maximize the value of the tokens earned in the game, they can be traded on the platform. The monsters and other assets obtained through the game will be completely available to the players. Please keep in mind that there will be a transaction fee when trading on the platform.

Monster Combat

In Phase II, they will launch the combat system, which will include Player VS Player (PVP) combat and Adventure Combat, with prizes for the winners.

When a player defeats an opponent in the PVP combat mode, they areToastplays; gamers ranked on the corresponding scoreboard and generously rewarded.

Get game rewards in the following ways

  • Daily Mission
  • Training Ground
  • PVE – Adventure Mode
  • PVP – Arena
  • Star Monster
  • Participate in Contest

Tokenomics – Governance Token

Ticker: $MONG

MONG is sold in the form of DAO contribution, with an initial total quantity of 100,000,000,000,000

During the contribution period, users can exchange for MONG by contributing BNB in ​​a fixed proportion. Meanwhile, the redemption function will be enabled. After the contribution, the project party will charge a 5% fee, i.e., there will be a 5% loss of BNB when the user redeems

After the contribution period is over, the redemption function will be still on, allowing users to redeem at any time.

When the contribution period is over, the total number of MONG tokens = base * 2, with the base being the number of MONG tokens exchanged by contribution. The extra tokens will be destroyed.

In this way, the outstanding tokens account for 50% of the total tokens in the market. The remaining 50% of tokens will be used for increasing basic liquidity, project promotion, DAO governance fund, and publicity cooperation.

Use Case: 

$MONG(Monster Gems) is the governance token of the Monster Academy game world. Token holders can vote for ecosystem-related proposals and use the community fund to build the future of Monster Academy. In the meantime, token holders can use the token to participate and consume in the game and are entitled to the community dividend rights.


2021 Q2

Game planning

2021 Q3

Game development

2021 .12-2022.1  – Phase I

NFT IGO/ Closed beta/ Public beta/ marketplace/ APP  online

Core Modules:

  • Monster blind box module
  • Asset Trading

Auxiliary Modules:

  • Daily Tasks
  • Personal Settings 
  • Monster Combat System
  • Monster Training

2022 Q1 – Phase II

Core   Modules:  

  • Monster synthesis
  • PVE Combat
  • PVP Combat
  • Monster Skill System

Auxiliary Modules:

  • Combat  Effects   
  • Skill
  • Effects
  • Mail Functions

2022 Q2

Equipment system/DAO

2022 Q3

Player Creation System

2022 Q4

Game Cooperation Ecosystem

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