Source : hosts ASHIB: the 2.0 version of Shiba Inu built on Cardano, utilizing low gas fees and Cardano’s Extended UTXO model.

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CardanoDaily – Admin: Hello and welcome, @beauregardmoody How are you today? 😀

Rambo: We at ASHIB are doing excellent! Thank you for having us.

CardanoDaily – Admin: Ready to start our AMA?

Rambo: Let’s do it!

Q1: Now to start the AMA, please tell the community what ASHIB is all about & Story behind?

Rambo: ASHIB is all about bringing new people into Cardano. Everyone knows about Shiba Inu. It was one of the most searched cryptocurrencies in the world the last few months. We want to bring that same energy and excitement that Ethereum’s Shiba Inu has to Cardano. But we’re different in the fact that we’re adding actual utility to our token with a long-term road map and plan. We’re a very passionate team and want to develop something that is not only useful but fun at the same time.

CardanoDaily – Admin: Cool! Thanks for the answer.

Q2: Can you tell us a bit about the team and their experience with crypto projects?

Rambo: The team has been involved in crypto for the last five years. Different members of the team have experience in programming, running stake pools for Cardano, or creating art. We all have our own different talents that we feel can really contribute to making something great and all-encompassing. With ASHIB it’s all about creating something that has utility across all aspects of the Cardano networks now and in the future.

CardanoDaily – Admin: Such an amazing team!!

Q3: Can you walk us through the uniqueness of ASHIB?

Rambo: ASHIB is unique because the community behind it is unique. Anyone can create a token and a roadmap, but to have a community that is striving to create something that is both fun and has value is what makes ASHIB unique.

ONE of the key unique features of ASHIB is that it will soon be used to purchase multiple CNFT lines. CNFTs will be able to be purchased at discounted rates if the buyer uses ASHIB tokens.

Q4: Let’s dive into your token. Tokenomics & use cases? Where and how can the community buy your token?

Rambo: An in-depth breakdown of our tokenomics is available on our site. For the most part it is pretty standard, but what we feel is unique is that we set aside 25% of our tokens for community ideas. Essentially, we want to fund the ideas our community has, whether its new utilities, marketing campaigns, whatever our community sets their minds to, we want to have the funds to make it happen.

The community can buy our token by swapping ada for ASHIB on the exchange page of Spoiler, we have been working hard on a web wallet interface that will make it easy for those who have never set up a Cardano wallet to get ASHIB. More information will be out about this soon!

CardanoDaily – Admin: How about the rest of tokenomic distribution?

Rambo: 20% is set aside for our public sale that is in progress now.

15% is set aside for the DAO treasury.

15% is for liquidity.

5% is for marketing.

10% is for CEX listings

And the final 10% is for our team

Rambo: Plus, of course the 25% for community ideas

Q5: How do you approach your marketing to increase ASHIB users in the future?

Rambo: One of our goals with ASHIB is go beyond the current Cardano market. When we compare DEFI on Cardano with that on Ethereum, there is a drastic difference in size. Now that Cardano has smart contracts and the Plutus Application Backend will be live on the Mainnet in the next month or so we want to do our part in mainstreaming Cardano DEFI. This goes back to what we mentioned earlier with our on-site web wallet. Our goal is to make it easy for people who do not know anything about Cardano, to get involved with Cardano defi. We will have more information on this soon, but for now, just follow our Discord and Twitter to stay up to date.

CardanoDaily – Admin: So excited! We are looking forward to latest news.

Q6: Let’s talk about partnerships & influencers that you are collaborating with.

Rambo: We have already had great traction organically from multiple big names. We have been on many different pages with over 250k followers. A famous business tycoon who has over 500k on Instagram recently bought into our public sale. A well-known actor on the discovery channel also joined our public and shouted us out on Twitter. We have many other collaborations with influencers in the millions coming in the next week. Stay tuned! We intend to mainstream our token before it hits a DEX!

Rambo: Crypto Cowboys will be accepting ASHIB at a 10% discount rate when their CNFT line drops as well!

Q7: What are the project goals? Can you share with us your roadmap in the next 6 months?

Rambo: Our project goals for the next few months are outlined in our Roadmap. The biggest item on that list is listing on a DEX. We have been watching Sundae Swap’s testnet with great interest and are extremely excited for them to go live on the Mainnet.

Q8: Where can we find out more about ASHIB on social media?

Rambo: Twitter:


We have a lot of unbelievable partnerships coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned! Thank you for having us.

Also, our website is ASHIB.IO!

CardanoDaily – Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with @beauregardmoody

CardanoDaily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @beauregardmoody

Rambo: Thank you for having us! And thank you for all the great questions everyone.

When we announce who is backing our token in the coming weeks, there will be no doubts that ASHIB is here to stay! Let us know if you have anymore questions!

CardanoDaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you guys @beauregardmoody

CardanoDaily – Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for ASHIB.

autoshark banner 26_11_2021

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