Crypto Market on Bloodbath, Analyst Explains Why

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  • The crypto market remains bearish.
  • Analysts react to the latest market fall.

The high and lows of crypto prices in the market are not a new term that will surprise the investors and traders in the space. Today, the crypto market is experiencing a bearish trend that caused the prices of digital assets to drop. This scenario spread like wildfire across the crypto ecosystem that even solid cryptos cannot evade. As a result, investors and analysts are now wondering about what could be the future of the crypto industry.

This made The Wolf Of All Streets react via tweet,

In the tweet video post, The Wolf Of All Streets accepted various questions about different cryptos such as ADA, SOL, and BTC to name a few. He even addressed the question using charts with technical indicators to provide concrete answers. Furthermore, the tweeted video is not all about crypto-related topics. The Wolf Of All Streets also entertained with other questions like an AMA session.

On the other hand, the whole market capitalization of the crypto space amounts to $2.23 trillion, down by -6.3% in the past 24 hours. If this trend continues, the industry might experience a longer market bloodbath. But of course, the crypto space is known to be very unpredictable. Therefore, it is recommended to practice your own research and stick with the rules of your technical indicators.

Meanwhile, the king of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is also affected by the wild market swing of the crypto world. As a result, the crypto continues to struggle below $50K. This price of BTC caught a lot of investors’ attention, some are buying the dip while others are holding and waiting for the bull run.

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