How the Metaverse Is Leading the Crypto Space

  • Metaverse is deemed to be the next big thing.
  • NFTs now allow fractionalization, which lets people buy an asset together.
  • Futurent incorporates fractionalization in real estate.

Metaverse” – it’s talked about everywhere, and many are saying that it’s the next big thing.

In October, social media giant known as “Facebook”, has now rebranded to “Meta”, and announced its focus on converting traditional social media into an immersive augmented reality experience. Other major players in tech and entertainment have come out with metaverse projects as well such as: Google, Microsoft, and Epic Games.

Additionally, metaverse tokens like SAND, MANA, and GALA pump hundreds of percentage points, drawing even more interest into the crypto space.

It used to be the case that, to talk to distant relatives, people had to trek long distances across dangerous lands. Today, relatives are only a couple taps away.

By bridging gaps and breaking down barriers, technology has enabled human connection on a scale never seen before. As technology advances, so does the potential for online human interaction. Following the trend, the next logical leap is the metaverse. The metaverse represents the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. Through it, people will go anywhere, do anything, and be anyone. The metaverse will be made possible by Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), cryptocurrencies, and NFTs.

It is well known that NFTs represent ownership of digital items. However, not many know that NFTs can also represent ownership of physical items through a process called tokenization, during which asset ownership rights are encoded into a blockchain.

Due to the ability of NFTs to efficiently manage ownership rights, tokenization has piqued the interests of real estate investors. Just recently, a property sale was made through NFTs for the first time. The success of this sale has led to considerable research and development in the space.

A recent advancement that came out of NFTs is fractionalization, which allows several people to buy an asset together. When applied to real estate, fractionalization allows buyers to jointly purchase and own property. This is where Futurent, the world’s pioneering NFT real estate platform, shines. Futurent is taking fractional real estate a step further by allowing joint landowners to revenue share on rental properties.

This is accomplished via their revolutionary DeFi protocol, which allows real estate investors to enjoy benefits commonly associated with cryptocurrencies like privacy, security, and liquidity. Through Futurent, real estate investors can purchase fractional real estate NFTs with cryptocurrency, and instantly make passive income from properties. Futurent also supports fractional ownership of NFT Giveaway tickets such as luxury cars and boats.

Futurent’s fully doxxed team is based in Slovenia,and has several key partnerships lined up, as they will announce incubators and investors in the coming weeks. Early investment will soon be open through their $FUTR token, which will be used to perform transactions on their platform and earn staking yields of up to 120% APY. Futurent already has a global community of members.

DeFi protocols provided by the likes of Futurent will allow people to collectively purchase real estate and profit share through fractional NFTs. For more information, please visit Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Reddit | Medium.

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