JEDSTAR Continues to Set Records, As It Aims to Break Ath with New Token Presale

Launched in Aug 2021, The DeFi & GameFi project Jedstar ($JED), achieved 500000% in under 4 months, with just 5000 holders and a market cap of $28 Million USD. With the upcoming launch of their second token $KRED, a gaming and Metaverse currency, which presale slots are opening on the 17th December 2021 UTC 17:00.

While the Jedstar team is hopeful it will help $JED break past its previous all-time high (ATH) of $1.13 USD, similar to other Defi tokens such as Terra ($LUNA), that went from $0.5 in January to $75 in December despite the BTC crash.

Currently, Jedstar consists of $JED, a full DeFi token and $KRED, a GameFi currency, which are envisioned to lead the way to crypto mass adoption through GameFi.

After the announcement of $KRED launch date a few days ago, $JED saw a rapid surge of 28% from $0.50 USD to $0.64 USD at the time of writing.

$KRED aims to for achieving similar to other blockchain games and metaverse, such as Axie Infinity ($AXS) which climbed to an ATH of $157 from a humble $0.15 in a few months,aAnd The Sandbox ($SAND) currently one of the most popular blockchain Metaverse surging over 16000%.

$KRED has been announced to the in-game token for JEDSTAR’s play-to-earn gaming platform STARDOME, which will host over 200 games and launching in January. It will also be the currency of 2 AAA games, A CCG in the same vein as Legends of Runterra launching in 2022 and the first ever MetaMMORPG slated to be launched in 2023. JEDSTAR has also partnered with several established names in the artists world, who previously done work for Disney, Magic the Gathering and Riot, who will be displaying their art on JEDSTAR’s own NFT Marketplace Agora.


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