PlanetQuest Joins Forces With Immutable X to Power NFT-Economy-Driven Game Universe




PlanetQuest, a gaming platform on the blockchain, has shared the vision of its intergalactic survival game. The game is powered by Immutable X, a layer two protocol that powers transactions on the Ethereum blockchain by providing zero gas fees, instant trades, and carbon-neutral NFTs.

The platform has made steady progress in the development of the game. Players can now set up accounts by visiting the website. You’ll have to connect your wallet and choose a faction you’ll join. After this, you’ll need to join the game’s discord group. Once you have joined discord you’ll then confirm your email and then claim your insignia. The game allows players to unlock unique NFTs, get developer updates and also determine the direction of the game. Players will have a chance to vote on the storyline of the game and decide on future developments within the game.

The NFTs give the players a chance to be part of the game. However,  the game will not be centered around earning NFT. It will provide a deeper experience for the gamers where they get to enjoy and explore different aspects of the game, providing an entertaining and cinematic experience. This is possible as the game was inspired and developed by movie directors of Star Wars and Marvel Cinemas. These developers were inspired by the metaverse and its unlimited possibilities.

The game allows users to own planets, explore them in a cinematic experience and also invite other users to explore their planets with them. The planets will be owned through NFTs and can be upgraded. Players in the game will be able to face off with rival creatures in battles and earn tokens as rewards. There will also be valuable artifacts that can be discovered on the planets. The artifacts will be represented by NFTs. Gaming gear can also be unlocked and traded. Players can also borrow gear from other gamers on the platform in exchange for tokens. Borrowing gear, trading NFTs, and buying and selling artifacts within the platform will be made possible through the platform’s partnership with  Immutable X.