‘The Hunt Begins’— Spielworks Set to Launch Own NFT Treasure Hunt in December

  • Spielworks prepares to launch NFT Treasure Hunt in December.
  • The game is called Wombat Dungeon Master.
  • The project aims to bring gamers and creators together.

Spielworks, a Berlin-based blockchain startup that specializes in gaming and DeFi solutions, has announced the most-awaited launch of its newest game, Wombat Dungeon Master Game.

Scheduled to release in December, gamers can send their NFTs on a quest to journey through different dungeons and win exciting rewards. In simple terms, Wombat Dungeon Master Game is a multi-chain NFT treasure hunt that has a fun take on NFT staking.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have become a crucial part of gaming, having several projects incorporating blockchain technology as an integral part of their gameplay. In addition, aside from blockchain games like R-Planet or Axie Infinity, NFTs are also utilized in gamified experiences that deploy their users on a treasure hunt adventure with digital and real-world rewards.

Furthermore, treasure hunts are in the limelight not only in the blockchain gaming industry but also in the business world. Recently, an insurance company called State Farm has launched an AR treasure hunt for mobile users to locate more than 500,000 footballs.

Moreover, with its own NFT hunt, Spielworks provides an additional utility for NFTs collected by users of its Wombat Wallet and Womplay rewards system. The game intends to bring gamers and creators together in an interactive staking hub that will benefit both parties. Gamers will be introduced to more NFT gaming projects and creators will be given exposure to new users.

The project will also familiarize users with NFT staking and will act as their pathway into the broader NFT gaming universe created by Spielworks and its partners.

On top of that, users can increase their chances of winning better rewards and snatching rarer loot by sending their NFTs into the dungeon for a long time. Additionally, with items they can find in the dungeon, users’ characters will get better and stronger.

To up their levels, gamers need to spend the experience points earned on their quests. Meanwhile, to upgrade their equipment, players can refer to in-game resources.

Conversely, Adrian Krion, the CEO of Spielworks, shared his thoughts regarding the upcoming Wombat Dungeon Master game:

The Wombat Dungeon Master game is our next big step toward building an all-around gaming NFT ecosystem. It will work as a fun and engaging way for users to earn more rewards with the NFTs in their collection and give us a community platform that will be perfect for showcasing all the projects our users can access. Its launch will make for a crucial milestone for the project as we open a gateway for more players to join and explore our NFT gaming ecosystem.