RXCGames Gets $300,000, Launches 1st Crypto Casino

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  • RXCGames launched its first fully-fledged crypto casino and raised $300,000 .
  • Users can buy and deposit $RXCG tokens.
  • RXCGames is working with NOWPayments as their payment solutions provider.

Recent trends in cryptocurrency have expanded beyond simple DeFi (lending, staking, leverage) and monetary exchange. Other popular movements include crypto gaming and metaverse building. However, there is one unique category that many projects have neglected and RXCGames aims to fix that. RXCGames has launched the first fully-fledged crypto casino, and raised about $300,000 (510 BNB) through two rounds of funding.

To play RXCGames and win prizes, users can buy and deposit $RXCG tokens. They can then use these tokens to play more than 4,000 games on the alpha version of theirplatform. So far, RXCGames has almost 1,000 active users since its launch about two weeks ago. Some users that fall into the VIP category can get rebates on their gameplay, which rewards their loyalty. Every user can also refer in new members and get a 20% kickback from the deposits and gameplay from these new users. So far, RXCGames has created a really robust product in an underserved category in crypto.

The main use case for the $RXCG token is to participate in various games. Of course, users can trade the coin on PancakeSwap like any other cryptocurrency with the hopes of increasing their investment value through swing trades. However, $RXCG will also introduce an innovative staking element for their coin. Specifically, holders can stake their $RXCG and, in return, they will earn a percentage of the casino’s profits. This provides a win-win for holders. The company is also working with NOWPayments, a payment solutions provider, to enable transactions through Shopify and WooCommerce stores using the $RXCG token, which can serve as a means of exchange just like regular FIAT.

At its all-time-high, the $RXCG token reached a $3.6 million market cap. At $1.3 million currently, there remains plenty of growth potential for the project. If RXCGames manages to reach its goal of 2 million daily active users, then there is more ahead for this cryptocurrency project.

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