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PlaytoEarn Daily hosts MetaKrypton: #MetaKrypton #PlaytoEarn #AMA.

P2E Daily AdminHello Hart and welcome. How are you today?

Hart: Wow! Everything goes well, what’s up guys! And thanks for inviting 👨‍🚀 Glad to be here today.

P2E Daily AdminShall we begin?

Hart: 😎 Can’t wait! Let’s get fired!! 🔥🔥🔥

Q1: What is MetaKrypton all about? Why did you decide to create such a project?

Hart: MetaKrypton is a play2earn interstellar exploration game developed on the Binance Smart Chain, following the story background of Metaverse Miner. In the game, players can mint Starship, get various exquisite Starship NFTs, and get energy KR, HY and Ti by powers depleting and exploring unknown interstellar fields.

Krypton is an important energy crystal planet in interstellar, naming krypton hopes users can be more explorative in the META ecosystem.

In the future, in order to maintain the operation of the Metaverse, humans set up the “Metaverse Alliance” and issued a mission to explore the vast starry sky and collect raw energy, thus the debut of the metaverse in the new century. And in one’s exploration journey, the adventurer discovered the element Krypton, which is a brand new energy that will open a new era for the development of the Metaverse.

In order to make the MetaKrypton more fair and the economic system sustainable, the game logic design and economic model for a long time collision, with the community members representatives also conducted a deep demand communication.

P2E Daily AdminOh a storyline! I love games with a good story behind it, especially interstellar games. I suppose the initial inspiration for this game came from Star Wars, didn’t it?

Hart: Well you could say that too, but Star Wars is such a classic! We imagine and design the game from different inspirations!

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Hart: Process of game development and design for the purpose and visual effects also lasted for a really extended period of time. Guys please look forward to our visual effects of the game. Going forward, we will add more game interaction and details, add full 3D and VR exploration versions.

We always believe that the success of a game or project cannot be achieved without a professional team, and we are glad that we have a great team.

members and core developers come from different countries, they are the core members of game operation and development, and also the faithful supporters of the game, they all have outstanding game development experience and are veteran developers who are deeply engaged in blockchain, they offer technical consultation and improve the experience of the game.

Meanwhile, the game operation and volunteer admins from different countries allow us to provide quality service and fast response to users in our global network.

The games’ operation needs better suggestions from users. our team keep working on collecting suggestions from our community and game guilds

Stay tuned, we will reveal all team info on-site soon!

P2E Daily AdminGreat to know you guys are a community-oriented project. Are there any plans to implement a DAO in the game also?

Hart: awesome! I would say this is such a good idea! Certainly, the team and devs can add more DAO features in the game! Since DAO is on the heat market right now!

Q3: Does MetaKrypton have any major backers? Are there any plans to cooperate with more renowned backers in the future?

Hart: Colla, yeah, which is code development elements for one project growth!

Projects have to expand their eco-partners to better develop the ecosystem, yet our co-branding Metaverse Miner is the biggest supporter and major backer!

Yet we will reach out with Dextool, Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Kingdata, and some of the major blockchain media to have deeper collaboration. News will be released on our official Twitter @MetaKrypton & Telegram channel @MetaKryptonANN, so stay tuned! Thank you guys for supporting us! 💛

P2E Daily AdminFantastic! Can’t wait for the collab with major Exchanges.

Q4: Let’s dive into your tokens $META. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of the $META use cases?

Hart: $META token is the native token of Metaverse Games ecosystem and developed on BSC with a total supply of 21 million and will be mainly used in the game ecosystem; it plays an important role in transaction flow and game distribution.

In-game MetaKrypton, it will be used for NFT pre-sale and NFT transactions, and will be used as a base currency in the trading, we will open trading pairs(KR/META, TI/META, HY/META) on PancakeSwap when the game launched, and META will also be used in some in-game props in the future.

(1) $KR

Token symbol: KR

Token name: Krypton

Mainnet: BSC

Total supply: 10 billion


10% Provides liquidity for the market

5% of team, unlocked from the second year, 25% every 6 months

85% Generated through in-game mining, release is based on in-game mining efficiency

Applications: Starship construction consumption, starship upgrade consumption, durability repair consumption, MetaKrypton equity tokens.

(2) $TI

Token symbol: TI

Token name: Titanium Alloy

Mainnet: BSC

Total supply: 10 billion


10% Provides liquidity for the market

5% of team, unlocked from the second year, 25% every 6 months

85% Generated through in-game mining, release is based on in-game mining efficiency

Applications: Starship construction consumption, starship upgrade consumption, MetaKrypton game tokens.

(3) $HY

Token symbol: HY

Token name: Hydrogen

Mainnet: BSC

Total supply: 10 billion


10% Provides liquidity for the market

5% of team, unlocked from the second year, 25% every 6 months

85% Generated through in-game mining, release is based on in-game mining efficiency

Applications: Stamina value recharge consumption, MetaKrypton game tokens.

Q5: Does $META get audited? Where can we buy it?

Hart: sure, $META have audited by Certik Team, following with the report result, check it out:

$META Contract




You can also buy $META on MEXC,


Q6: Can we start playing on MetaKrypton with small capital? Will there be any discounts or benefits for early adopters?

Hart: There is no limit to the amount of investment you can spend on Krypton, so you can start with a small amount of money. 😎

Users can choose different types of starships to participate in the game, and it is possible to choose only one type of starship to participate in the game. Early participants of Krypton can participate in INO and have a chance to get a higher level starship NFT at a low cost. INO 1st round of NFT will be open price at 40 $META only, but first come, first served! Save your date at 12:00 UTC 5TH JAN, don’t miss the winning!

Don’t need KYC or huge invest, only need to buy some $META and connect your BSC wallet

Simple click and win, we have NFT marketplace, if you won NFT in INO, sell them could also make profits!

But I would say better keep them and win more!

Okay next question?🤓

Q7: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2022 as a whole?

Hart: Good question! 😎

December 2021 🗓

1. Release the game economic model and in-game scenes.

2. Deploy the game NFT contract and start R&D.

3. Release Dev Log on Official Medium.

4. Initiate MetaKrypton INO pre-sale on Metaverse Game platform (initial NFT product).

January 2022 🗓

1. Promotion by major media.

2. Community AMA interaction, meet with game developers.

3. Censored internal test version starts, and invites selected users to experience the game first.

4. The game officially starts the uncensored public test.

5. Game iteration and upgrade.

February to March 2022 🗓

1. Complete the code audit.

2. Join the BSC MVB program.

3. Independent APP development.

4. Game 2.0 version development and testing.

April-June 2022

1. Game online version 2.0.

2. Cross-chain deployment on ETH/SOL/AVAX and other ecologies.

3. Start the development of a full 3D VR exploration version.

In 2022, we will mainly focus on improving META’s game ecology and releasing collaboration with more Metaverse games, so that the metaverse worldview of META will be more complete.

see if we have listed all you questioned about! 😇

P2E Daily AdminWow, MetaKrypton has a lot on their plate in 2022! But I’m sure with an amazing team, MetaKrypton can achieve all of its objectives in time!

Q8: Where can we find out more about MetaKrypton?

Hart: Thank you! Let’s fight for it!

🏠 Official links

Twitter (

Telegram (

Discord (

Youtube (

Facebook (

Reddit (

P2E Daily AdminWith this we are now at the end of our AMA session with MetaKrypton 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Hart: Well guys! great day to meet you here! Thanks for all the support and please join us! try MetaKrypton, see if you can win profits!

P2E Daily AdminThank you Hart and MetaKrypton so much for being here with us today. We wish you the best and a happy new year!

Hart: Sure thing!

Okay enjoy your day!! 🥳

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