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BSCDaily Admin: Today I have here with me Cat’s World from the Cat’s World project!

Cat’s World: Hello Guys!

BSCDaily Admin: Hello and welcome to the @bsc_daily community Cat’s World, how are you doing!

Cat’s World: It’s our honor to hold an AMA with the BSC Daily family!

BSCDaily Admin: It’s quite a pleasure to have you here talking to us about the Cat’s World. And I think everyone is excited for this AMA, shall we begin?

Cat’s World: Of course.

Q1: Please introduce yourself and the team behind Cat’s World.

Cat’s World: We have 9 people and work in Singapore. Each team member has concentrated on block-chain and GameFi for at least one year. We have professional programmers, art designers, project managers, public relations, and of course, experienced GameFi players.

BSCDaily Admin: So 9 people working in this project, that means the Cat’s World is still in its infancy. Are you planning to expand the Team internationally anytime soon?

Cat’s World: Yep, we’re growing quickly and still looking for advanced engineers and economists to help us make Cat’s World better.

Q2: What is Cat’s World and what are you trying to achieve in the BSC ecosystem?

Cat’s World: Cat’s World is an innovative P2E game with a powerful and robust economic system. We took some brilliant games on the market as references, such as Farmers World, BinaryX, CryptoMines or so. With serious studying the advantages and disadvantages of these past games and training our own models, we’ve taken enough lessons and built a healthier and more stable economic system to make the game have a long-term possibility instead of falling into a death spiral quickly after a short-term explosion.

In short, we aim to become the next leading game in the BSC ecosystem. This is our ambition.

BSCDaily Admin: Yes and the economic system of the Cat’s World is quite interesting, with the Quad Token system If I’m not wrong. All in all, Cat’s World want to implement this system to maintain a healthy game for the community

Q3: When will the official game launch? And will our NFTs be used before the official launch?

Cat’s World: We plan to launch the official version at the end of January 2022. The beta test will start in mid-Jan. At the present, players can trade their cats and potions on our in-game market.

Cat’s World: Sure.

BSCDaily Admin: If you have anything to add, feel free to!

Cat’s World: So far so good.

Q4: Cats’ Worlds sounds so great. How can I participate in the game?

Cat’s World: You can purchase the Genesis Boxes on our official website or collect your favorite NFTs on the official market. After the game starts, all the unsold boxes will be burnt. And you can check our whitepaper here to learn how to play the game:

BSCDaily Admin: And the Genesis Boxes and NFT are still on sale?

Cat’s World: Yes, players can buy them on:

Q5: We all know that playing to earn is an excellent hot spot now. But investors also need to afford a high risk with different projects? Can you explain a little about the risk control on your project?

Cat’s World: When we designed our in-game economic model, our team prioritized investors’ risk. Our token economic mechanism is reliable and innovative. We have tested and trained our model in professional software (if you know MATLAB) for a long time. We believe Cat’s World will give you guys a wonderful investing experience.

Q6: As we know, most play-to-earn games face the same problem, and they will reach the peak quickly and keep dumping until the end of games. Is there any improvement facing this issue in your project?

Cat’s World: Yes. We added a fantastic mechanism to solve this common issue. We introduced the recycle function in our mechanism. For example, the potion will expire at a specific time after using it.

This mechanism not only offers more opportunities and motivation to the new players but can also improve the scene that the early investors always use their profits back to the game instead of making real investments.  Otherwise, protecting the early investors is also under our consideration. We have the level mechanism for giving some edges to the early investors. Yet they are moderate and won’t affect the economic system significantly.

BSCDaily Admin: Yeah so not very “sharp” edge and it won’t affect the state of the game 😁 but of course, we need to take care of the early investors who have been here since day 1.

Cat’s World: Of course. We’ll look for a suitable balance.

Q7: Can you briefly describe to us all of the various rewards you offer on your platform?

Cat’s World: There are many ways to help our players make real income. Basically, players can earn from brewing NFTs, producing tokens, or providing liquidity. Other ways to P2E will be revealed when the game starts.

BSCDaily Admin: Oh brewing NFTs? Can you talk a bit more about this feature?

Cat’s World: This is one of the most important features in our game. Only the cats equipped with potions can go to work and produce tokens. If new players want to join the game, they need to buy the potions from the old players. That’s one of the edges for the early investors. Players can use tokens to brew new potions, which builds a good economic cycle for the whole game.

Q8: Where are you on your roadmap? How will you incentivize yourselves to keep improving the game?

Cat’s World: We have successfully finished another comprehensive model simulation and corrected the data, which will definitely push our robustness of the economic system to the next level. Now, our developers are working on the final polish of the UI and the test of on-chain interactions.

We will add more game elements in our project, like the championship, one to one and team to team PvP. And we also plan to launch the governance token. Players can use the governance token to participate in some project decisions and give more advice to the project management.

As for the incentives:

As we know, one of the important reasons that makes a game fail is that the development teams always tend to compete with players. They reserve a large number of tokens and dump them without any notification. Yet we don’t incentivize ourselves this way. The only way to gain the tokens before the game launch is to buy the Genesis token’s boxes. You could regard this event as our IDO. We do not distribute our tokens in any other way. Our team will only reserve a small number of tokens that are used to add the initial LP pools.

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In Cat’s World design, our players are the biggest beneficiary. Our team only earns from the cheap market transaction fees/tax, which means we are tightly bound with the volume of our game. We can gain more incentives only if the game grows healthily.

BSCDaily Admin: So there will be no IDOs, no whitelists, no private sales?

Cat’s World: Totally correct.

Q9: Any exciting news you would like to announce here today?

Cat’s World: We’ve just started our ‘Early Supporters Giveaways’ event. Players can join the event here:

Before the game officially launches, there will be more giveaways for our sincere early supporters. Stay tuned.

Q10: Where can we find out more about Cat’s World?

Cat’s World: Here are our social media links:






BSCDaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Cat’s World 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Cat’s World: Thanks for joining this awesome AMA. Cat’s World aims to be the next most popular game on the BSC. Don’t miss the valuable chance to become our early supporters and time will prove your wisdom.🌈

BSCDaily Admin: Absolutely! You guys are amazing, go Cat’s World! And thank you for being here with the community, we wish you the best.

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