DarleyGo: Get Your Hands on This Interesting Solana-based NFT Game

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Based on the theme of real-world horse myths, DarleyGo combines the imaginative game lore with the fun of horse racing thereby turning it into an engaging fast-paced game.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs, as we know them, have become quite popular in the crypto world over the last year. NFTs are nothing but digital footprints of any unique and collectible items running on a secure blockchain platform. The use of NFTs has also skyrocketed in the world of blockchain-based gaming

The Solana blockchain has emerged as an interesting alternative to Ethereum for launching NFT gaming projects. DarleyGo is also the world’s first mythical-based NFT horseracing game built atop Solana.

The game allows users to purchase, race, collect and breed NFT horses on the Solana blockchain. Based on the theme of real-world horse myths, DarleyGo combines the imaginative game lore with the fun of horse racing thereby turning it into an engaging fast-paced game.

The gaming industry has been aggressively expanding and blockchain-based games are turning out to be the next big thing. This, coupled with the use of NFTs will allow users to gain ownership of in-game digital assets and further monetize them inside the game’s ecosystem. Thus, the NFT-based is likely to bring a sea change in the gaming sector and DarleyGo is tapping this opportunity.

DarleyGo says that choosing Solana makes sense due to “its ultra-high speed, low transaction cost, and competitive ecosystem”. Thus, users won’t need to worry much about network congestion issues or high gas fees. This brings a seamless gaming experience to all of its players.

The DarleyGo Gaming Theme

The DarleyGo gaming theme features Kavaia Galaxy wherein horses populated the planet of Altair known as the horse’s paradise. The game’s name goes on one of the three most popular horse tribes – Darley, Areo, and Hayato. These are the three dominant bloodlines in the DarleyGo universe.

Each of these horses in the DarleyGo universe is having distinct abilities and characteristics depending on its pedigree. Since each possesses a unique ability, it will directly impact the horse’s performance in a race.

The Three Major Gaming Modes of DarleyGo

The main gameplay for DarleyGo surrounds around three modes: Racing Mode, Training Mode, and Breeding Mode.

  1. Racing Mode (PvP): Here players compete against 11 (max) other active players through a regular or special racing event and thus earn the SPL tokens. The Racing Mode has six levels of racing, from Griffin to  Levels 1–5. The Griffin is the basic level and all unraced horses have to start from here and move the level up. As the player climbs the ladder with higher levels, they face greater challenges along with earning a bigger prize pool. Users in this mode can play 24/7 with world-class 3D modeling and a live streaming environment.
  2. Trainer Mode: This mode means players can discover more about their horses’ abilities and unique strengths. Players can also level up their horses by training with our NPC DarleyHorses or by playing with other players while earning additional experience points and collecting the SPL tokens.
    DarleyGo has also designed a badge system for players to understand their horses’ abilities and characters better. The badge includes factors like best-performing distance and running style. The character badge includes factors like health, racetrack adoption, and mental condition.
  3. Breeding Mode: This mode allows users to breed their own NFT horses. This involves a good study of the horses’ ability and pedigree. DarleyGo introduces the “mutation probability” in the game’s breeding system, which increases the possibility of producing champion horses.

Future Plans of DarleyGo

Going ahead DarleyGo plans to step into the emerging market of Metaverse. This will include “riding your own horses in the Galaxy, building racecourses to interacting with other players with VR integration”.

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