GK8 Unveils Zero Time-to-Market Integration With DeFi and EVM-Compatible Layer-1 Networks

  • GK8 adds zero-time to market contract support for EVM-compatible blockchains.
  • Enabling its clients to tap any DeFi services they need at their discretion.
  • GK8 also announced integrations with Cardano and Tezos.

Blockchain cybersecurity firm GK8 has unveiled a slew of new features coming to its platform with the latest update. GK8 also announced the addition of Cardano and Tezos connectors to its supported blockchain stack.

The recent upgrade now allows any client managing digital assets with GK8’s high-security self-managed solution to seamlessly connect their operations in seconds without the need for further research and development or extra programming/coding.

This implies integrating new protocols can be done with any existing or future layer-1 blockchains that are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Importantly, it ensures clients do not spend 3-6 months on R&D.

In addition, customers can access any smart contracts and incorporate any tokens based on the ERC20 standard on any EVM-compatible chain without the requirement for contract or token-specific tweaks, thanks to a new capability provided in the release.

Lior Lamesh, CEO and Co-founder of GK8 states,

EVM is a breakthrough infrastructure protocol shaping up to be the software backbone for the future of finance. With our new features, banks can be sure that their crypto custodial services will remain future-proof for decades to come, and the versatility that will help them keep up with the lightning-fast crypto space. They can react to the market in an instance, drastically saving time and making the most out of the opportunities at hand while still relying on us as their one and only security providers.

According to a document sent to CoinQuora, the solution’s capabilities go beyond basic transactions. It allows users to employ GK8’s unique cold staking capability to access DeFi smart contracts and native staking. GK8 explains that this will provide their clients the flexibility they need to keep up with the fast-moving blockchain environment, allowing them to connect with new chains. 

It will also offer them DeFi services with zero time-to-market integrations and without having to wait months for protocol changes. This way, banks, and other custodians can offer their clients a variety of services at their convenience flexibly and speedily.

QK8’s partnership with Cardano and Tezos includes two node support, access to native staking, and smart contract support for DeFi. GK8 says clients can use its unique cold staking functionality to lock their digital assets inside a specific smart contract without having to remove them from the Cold Vault.

GK8’s technology also provides secure tokenization of traditional assets, and it includes a partnership with AON that allows users to swiftly and easily access up to $750 million in insurance per Vault.