Innovation-Driven Efforts Continue As UpCRO Gets Scheduled To Launch On EmpireDex

In this industry, it is often necessary to offer new kinds of innovation-driven efforts when it comes to various products and services in order to keep up to date with the changing environment and consumer demand. The crypto, blockchain, NFT and DeFi sector hence requires such devotion and continuous innovation, which is exactly why we can observe new projects and initiatives popping up seemingly every other day now.  With so many choices available to us, it can also be quite daunting to know which ones are worth investing in for the future. The ROOT team is a recent example of how fresh DeFi products can be consistently offered, especially when the team adopts a unique approach regarding ecosystem expansion in such a fast-paced industry and market.

The importance of innovation

It is extremely important to offer new and exciting products in this sector otherwise you risk getting left behind. The ROOT team therefore offers ‘UpTokens’ like upCRO which are named by the token that they would be paired against in a primary liquidity pool. UpCRO is the ROOT team’s most recent initiative and the latest ERC-31337 token to debut on the CRONOS blockchain (which is relatively new and there aren’t any firmly established AMMs either right now).

UpCRO shall be launching on the 25th of January and supporters will be able to partake in the market generation event beforehand. As to why this is important, the team behind all this has existed for nearly 2 years now and seemingly have a well-tested plan for the beginning in order to cause massive volatility in the upward direction. Moreover, the team’s MGE (Market Generation Event) contracts have been often used by various teams to launch numerous tokens in the past. In this industry, it worth knowing exactly what you are getting into and this team’s experience will certainly prove beneficial going forward.

Launching on EmpireDex

Not only does EmpireDex possess the most sophisticated innovation integrated into its AMM, but it’s also based on technology that the team has invented and have a thorough grasp of. This is precisely how technology evolves and improves as more often than not teams collaborate to enhance each other’s goods, products and services with little to no consideration for profit. It is for this reason that upCRO has decided to launch on EmpireDex. Furthermore, it is vital to know that the team behind any given project has a proven track record, which can be found via upCRO’s new version of a standard they created known as ERC-31337, or the ‘Elite Token.’ This token is being utilized even now by numerous teams and has also been administered into the Uniswap fork by the Empire team, with plenty of these tokens being present on the CRONOS chain already. Lastly, the team was able to leverage a massive 250% of total the value of the funds from the MGE. 

upcro launch

`Ultimately, no endeavor in this business is perfect, but upCRO is trying to reach that level anyway. If its future goals (one major release or system upgrade per month) and past accomplishments (releasing 2 versions of a token which only go up and never down whenever they are bought or sold) are anything to go by, then upCRO is definitely worth checking out.