Shiba Inu Community Launches Shiberse amid Hype around Metaverse

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The Shiberse is essentially an enveloping exposure for users to enjoy a retreat into the Metaverse, or the world of virtual reality.

Jumping on the Metaverse bandwagon, Shiba Inu has now dabbled into the virtual reality regime by announcing the launch of ‘Shiberse’ in 2022. Shiberse is touted as the foremost release of the year, with many more launches lined in its ever-expanding environment.

Shytoshi Kusama, the developer who is leading the project currently, had been passing hints to the investors on the updates about the project for a week, and the crew recently made it official with the announcement.

The intricate detailing of the graphics has been praised by everybody. From the lush green grass to the coarse trees and rocks, everything has been paid attention to and looks nothing less than a work of art.

The flagship Shiba Inu dog looks stealthy with an axel hammer between its jaws. The symbolic photo of the dog perhaps hints at the mining of crypto tokens. In a power pose that exudes excitement, the dog makes a statement with its smart demeanor.

Amidst an obvious market crash, the Shiba Inu community has somehow rejuvenated people’s hopes in the crypto industry. The recent announcement has led to an enhanced engagement of crypto enthusiasts on social media platforms. People are going online to discuss and contemplate how the forthcoming revelations in the world of Meta will restructure the token’s finances.

SHIB is destined for an immaculate rise in 2022 owing to several exciting disclosures and advances this year. While the meme token was only established in 2020, it has placed itself at a decisive juncture where it can intentionally make things better with the sustainability scale following its releases scheduled for this year.

SHIB is identifying real-world use-cases, furnishing users with solutions to difficulties in businesses and enterprises, while pushing out of the meme-token stigma. In December last year, over ten retailers around the globe declared their acceptance of Shiba Inu as a payment method. The community is targeting blockchain gaming, which is also believed to be the future of gaming technology. The following upgrades and expansion will make SHIB the first-ever company to divulge into the blockchain gaming world.

The Shiberse is essentially an enveloping exposure for users to enjoy a retreat into the Metaverse, or the world of virtual reality. Moreover, Shiberse promises highly intelligent and well-programmed graphics, making it a wholesome adventure in itself. The SHIB team has proven to be highly ambitious, but at the same time, has been living up to the promises and delivering products on time.

The Shiba Inu token is presently on the charts at $0.00002093 and has plunged by about -4.6% in the day’s trade.

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