Dimitra Brings Farming Data To Ocean Market’s Decentralized Marketplace

Source : crypto-news-flash.com

The artificial intelligence-powered farming and analytics platform provider Dimitra is bringing more data into its ecosystem through a partnership with the Ocean Protocol. The plan is to encourage users within its community to share the information they have on farming different crops and livestock in various parts of the world, to help other farmers generate higher yields. 

The Ocean Protocol is a blockchain-based, decentralized information exchange platform that aims to unlock the value of data. Through its Ocean Market app, users can publish, discover and consume data securely, with the privacy of that data fully protected through anonymization. Developers can use the platform to build data wallets, marketplaces and more, and wrap data services as industry-standard ERC20 tokens to create data exchanges and co-ops. 

At first glance, Dimitra looks to be a great fit for Ocean Protocol. Its platform, which can be accessed via the web and a mobile app, allows farmers to generate a ton of data regarding things such as seed performance, soil conditions, crop conditions, animal feed, livestock health, yields and so on. The idea is to help crop farmers use the best seeds for their specific field conditions to maximize yields. Similarly, for livestock farmers, Dimitra’s platform gives them a way to identify the best animal feeds and drugs to ensure their animals are fit, healthy and can maximize their weight. 

Like Ocean Protocol, Dimitra also has a DeFi angle, giving small farmers who’re unable to approach traditional banks an opportunity to borrow cryptocurrency to finance their farming operations. 

By sharing their data on the Ocean Protocol marketplace, Dimitra CEO Jon Trask said small farmers will have a way to create an additional income stream besides selling their crops and livestock. 

“Farmers and cooperatives in the Dimitra ecosystem produce a great deal of valuable data regarding soil conditions, crop conditions, animal health, seed performance and the extended food chain,” he said. 

Trask believes other farmers will be more than willing to buy up small farmer’s datasets. He said the global agricultural ecosystem as a whole can benefit immensely from the exchange of data that can aid research efforts into maximizing crop yields. 

“Actionable data will be a game-changer for current farming methods,” said Ocean Protocol co-founder Bruce Pon. 

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