LetsExchange is Rising to the Market’s Top as Platform Grows 100x in 2021

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LetsExchange.io, an instant cryptocurrency exchange service, has released its annual performance report that highlights the massive growth of this non-custodial platform.

Key milestones

According to the platform’s ‘Year in Review’ report, it has grown exponentially since its launch in March 2021. The report particularly highlights:

  • 100x increase in monthly swaps,
  • 60x boost in monthly active users,
  • 3x expansion in available crypto pairs

The other celebrated milestones at LetsExchange are user accounts powered with stats and advanced tools, an affiliate program with easy-to-use exchange widgets, and website localization to five languages.

In less than a year, this non-custodial crypto exchange platform extended its range of swappable coins to 350, making it possible to trade more than 120,000 cryptocurrency pairs. This expansion was necessary due to the growing community interest: 350,000 users access the platform in a month from 170 countries. LetsExchange also reflects on fruitful partnerships built-in 2021 with Trezor, Trustee Wallet, Invity.io, Swapzone, SwapSpace, Alligator, and other crypto platforms.

Features overview

Breaking down the platform’s distinctive features, it’s essential to mention:

  • No-sign-up access. Crypto swapping is available without a lengthy sign-up process.
  • No KYC/AML required. Users can trade crypto without sharing any personal and financial information, which ensures their complete privacy.
  • Fixed and floating rates. The platform allows users to secure the estimated exchange rate at the beginning of the exchange process as well as opt to go with the floating rate to leverage volatility in the trader’s favor.
  • User accounts. Personal user accounts on LetsExchange are optional and contain an analytical toolkit including trading statistics and portfolio management tools.
  • Affiliate program. Partners can generate a new revenue stream by embedding the platform’s API, easy-to-use widgets and buttons, or simply using a referral link.
  • 24/7 customer service. Available via email, live chat, Facebook, you name it, round the clock to address any concerns users may have.

What’s next?

In 2022, LetsExchange is planning to extend its range of listed coins, expand its partnership network, as well as launch new features including fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exchange, decentralized exchange, and a white-label exchange solution for partners.

About Letsexchange

LetsExchange.io is a non-custodial, instant multi-currency exchange service. It allows swapping 350 coins and 120,000 cryptocurrency pairs without registration and KYC. With a set of ready-made B2B solutions, LetsExchange is building a global ecosystem for seamless and effortless crypto swaps accessible through multiple platforms such as crypto wallets, exchange aggregators, media outlets, and others.

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