New Metaverse Project Warp Lets You Build Your Own Starship and Explore Galaxy

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Warp will have a lot happening behind the scenes, but as far as the players’ experience goes, the project will allow them to use bonds to build their own starships, which come in the form of NFTs.

The new year has started, and as expected, the metaverse is slowly but surely becoming the dominant trend, alongside the NFTs. New projects are emerging all the time, each more innovative and unique than the last, which already led to a lot of diversity among these projects.

The biggest metaverse projects appear to be those related to gaming, which is why many are excited about the upcoming blockchain-based game called Warp.

What Is Warp?

Warp is a re-envisioned version of the OHM Protocol, which is now not only “faster than light,” as the developers like to put it, but also a brand-new sci-fi metaverse. The project saw the potential of all the emerging trends, and it found a way to combine them into a rich and ever-expanding ecosystem that now allows players to explore the entire galaxy. The project has already partnered with big crypto industry names like Polygon, Synapse, Tomb Finance, Beefy Finance and others.

Warp combines DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and metaverse to provide a unique experience, bring major twists that offer a huge level of game theory, and good, old-fashioned fun.

Warp will have a lot happening behind the scenes, but as far as the players’ experience goes, the project will allow them to use bonds to build their own starships, which come in the form of NFTs. In fact, the project allows players to collect starship parts, with each ship consisting of three separate parts that can be combined in various ways to create different and unique starships.

Building a Starship

First, you have the Hull, whose main property is strength. Then, there is the Bridge, which also has strength as its main property, and together, they determine how resistant your ship will be. Finally, the third part is the Engine, which determines the speed of your ship. As NFTs, each of these parts can be either bought on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, or you can get them through bonds.

There are 3 bond types available at launch, including DAI, MAI, and WARP/DAI LP tokens. Each bond will also be minted as an NFT that contains bond information in its metadata. However, bonds of $250 or more will also generate a starship part NFT at the time of bonding. So, if you don’t want to buy parts from OpenSea, you can mint your own NFTs and starship parts that come with them.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

One last part to remember is that, once you build your ship or ships (yes, you are allowed to own multiple starships) at the Warp hangar, you will also have to power it with fuel cells. Fuel cells also come in the form of NFTs, and they allow you to travel to different star systems, where each star has its own solar system, and you get to visit each planet.

Each of these represents a separate staking pool, and the first explorers to reach the new system will earn the highest rewards for discovering it and joining it. In other words, the game strongly encourages exploration, and rewards it with the possibility of earning great rewards.

Of course, this is also quite different from the way most crypto projects of this kind operate. Most of them have a single staking pool where everyone puts their tokens in, and get distributed rewards. However, the more people who choose to stake their tokens, the smaller the rewards get.

Warp had a different idea – to unlock 5 new planets in its ecosystem every 10 days, and create a new “gold rush” opportunity for players who choose to send their starships to new staking pools, and collect the rewards.

The project will also have “seasons”, meaning that, just like TV shows, the project will come out in portions, where each quarter will bring a new variety of features, economic utilities, starships, planets, and other aspects of the ecosystem. One part that players will likely appreciate the most is the fact that Season 2 will bring optional PVP starship battles, where players can engage others in the depths of space and win rewards if their battle is successful.


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