Spellfire to Gain New Level of Visibility With Huobi Primelist on Jan. 27th

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  • SPELLFIRE token to launch on GameFi and Daomaker launchpads.
  • Spellfire is listing on Huobi Primelist on January 27, 2022.
  • The listing will introduce the project to a huge new audience of players and investors.

Spellfire, the first to introduce touchable NFT cards, announces it will be listed on Huobi Primelist this January 27, 2022. In addition to the listing, Spellfire revealed that its SPELLFIRE token will launch on two launchpads — Doamaker and  GameFi on 25th and 26th January, respectively.

This means the coming days will be filled with arrays of activities for the Collectible Card Game (CCG) players and the Spellfire camp. Spellfire asserts that gaining a Primelist ensures it keeps building on its reputation while obtaining a new level of visibility.

According to Spellfire’s team, listing on Huobi will provide its community with a seamless way to access the SPELLFIRE token. Eventually, it will open a new opportunity for them to harness potential players and investors.

This announcement comes just after the funding rounds were announced to be completed. The project has so far raised $3.8 million and is backed by industry heavyweights such as DAO Maker and Shima Capital.

As per reports, the game is one of the first on the market to feature touchable NFT cards. More so, each NFT comes in both a physical and digital form, is completely upgradeable, and collectible.

Spellfire Re-Master the Magic is a new take on one of the most historically significant collectible card games of the last decade (CCG). Spellfire, backed by modern design implementations of blockchain, NFTs, and Play-to-Earn, affirms it is prepared to re-enter the market at the perfect time.

Even more, Spellfire hands over ownership back to its players in the form of NFT-based cards. Thus, players can participate in a game they love whilst earning passive income. Touchable NFT cards are featured in the game, making it one of the first on the market. Each NFT is available in both physical and digital versions, is fully upgradeable, and is very collectible. Best of all, Original NFT card owners can expect to earn up to 10x return on investment in passive income. Players also have the opportunity of customizing and minting their own NFT cards.

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