Splinterlands Crosses Historic 1-Billion Battle Milestone

Source : coinquora.com

  • Splinterlands has exceeded its one-billion battle milestone.
  • The success follows the launch of the latest monster card pack Chaos Legion.
  • The company also announced its partnership with Terablock Bridge.

Splinterlands, an NFT based Hive blockchain play-to-earn (P2E) game, announced that it has crossed a milestone of over one billion battles.

According to DappRadar, a blockchain data explorer, the industry has earned increasing popularity and sustained presence in the charts of go-to P2E games for six months. As of January 25, Splinterlands players have fought more than one billion battles. Splinterlands CEO & Co-Founder Jesse Reich remarked:

I can’t help but be ecstatic. This is a historic moment in gaming history and I’m so proud that Splinterlands is trailblazing in play to earn.

This breakthrough arrived in the wake of Splinterlands’ launch of its latest monster card pack: Chaos Legion. As stated by a report given to CoinQuora, the gaming company now has an exceedingly high number of cards with nearly 7 million packs sold within a few days after launch.

In order to generate both fun and rewards, the game unites the NFT space with the crypto-game environment. This is done by allowing players to buy; sell; trade; rent; and fight with their NFT-based monsters.

The company affirmed that it believes gamers have been attracted to the platform due to its potential and great appeal to them. To add, the full transparency feature of a distributed ledger enables gamers to see an available number of existing cards in the entire game.

Within the game, each card is individually owned and even game creators cannot take it away from players. Moreover, the players can buy, sell, and trade the cards as in physical trading cards.

In a pursuit to enable easier and quicker token swapping, Splinterlands has recently announced its partnership with Terablock Bridge. This step can help players of popular games to transfer tokens to various blockchains through the Bridge.

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