ADALend Hires a New CTO, Shares More Detail on ADAL Token Sales

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  • ADALend aspires to democratize the lending industry with the Cardano blockchain.
  • ADALend hires new CTO, Ali Krynitsky.
  • It will launch its public IDO in March 2022 across lots of Launchpads.

ADALend is powering another wave of flexible financial markets by offering a platform for instant loan approval, automated collateral, trustless custody, and liquidity. Through the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, ADALend is establishing a scalable decentralized lending/borrowing protocol to eradicate the traditional banking middleman.

To do this, the platform will utilize the latest blockchain technology innovations, and IOHK’s research and development to provide an uncomplicated, secure, and more transparent medium of exchanging value.

ADALend: Providing a Secure and Safe Environment for Decentralized Lending

ADALend emerged to create a platform that prioritizes the needs and concerns of the people as well as gives access to loans for those who have been marginalized for so long. It is a revolutionary platform that merges cryptocurrency with the financial world to change the current state of financial affairs.

ADALend is taking advantage of the best features of multiple industries to build a new stream and sustainable source of income for businesses, investors, and borrowers. By all means, ADALend is working to solve the problems of lenders and borrowers who have had to contend with managing a platform safely and transparently.

The team behind the ADALend project are expert economists, engineers, and business professionals that have come together to develop a trustless, decentralized lending protocol that will enable users to operate in a self-governed environment. Thus, users can borrow, lend and earn money anonymously and in a secure manner.

A New Talent for ADALend and ADAL Tokens IDO

ADALend is pleased to announce today that it has hired a new Chief Technology Officer after a long search. Named Ali Krynitsky, this fresh addition will bring his extensive experience of working software development for Enterprise and Consumer software companies and a strong passion for developing on Cardano into ADALend.

ADALend will launch its public IDO in March 2022 across multiple Launchpads. Its native token, ADAL will be open for purchase at the discounted rate of 55 cents until the end of the Private Sale round A on January 31 at Midnight GMT.

In addition, there will be a Private Sale Round B at the price of 70 cents from the 1st of February. The Private Sale will go on until the IDO Launch, and the starting price will be 1 US Dollar. Immediately after the IDO, the ADAL token will be listed on several top-tier exchanges.

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