Blockchain Game Platform QuantumTech Available For Trading On P2PB2B

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QuantumTech, the ultimate platform for several play-to-earn games, features Quantum ($QUA) as its native token is now trading on P2PB2B.

About QuantumTech

QuantumTech, a blockchain game platform linked to the project’s Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market, accommodates many play-to-earn games, bringing GameFi to a whole new level. Combining the aspects of gaming with economic incentives goes a long way toward improving the services and performance of QuantumTech. To meet this objective, QuantumTech will be available to trade on P2PB2B. NFTs are a part of each game in terms of characters, tools, equipment as well as other game components as required by gamers.

Outstanding Unique Features

QuantumTech stands out in the market due to the following unique features….

Availability of many games to choose from




Ability to play games as a long-term investment or as a quick-win game, allowing for immediate benefits. After playing a game consistently over some period, participants get the opportunity to head to the QuantumTech marketplace to obtain NFTs.

NFT capabilities range from boosting performance, unlocking additional game modes, qualifying for tournaments, as well add custom aesthetics. Developers will also benefit from transforming existing games to suit blockchain capabilities.

Purchases on the platform are made via ($QUA) which will allow users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs exclusively, related to its specific game. Keeping in mind that there are a variety of games on the platform, users can also share NFTs among its present games. This capability allows participants to keep track of their possessions in their wallets by simply keeping each NFT purchased in your inventory. 


  • Max supply: QUA
  • Treasury: 339.841.453 QUA
  • Team: 100.000.000 QUA
  • Circulation: 560.158.547 QUA

Crypto enthusiasts in the gaming field now have reason to earn more by trading on P2PB2B, a crypto exchange platform that is not only lucrative but also user-friendly, making it ideal for beginners and professionals. Every interested party in this project can become a member of the QuantumTech larger community.

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