Cardano Network Maintains Two Weeks Record Capacity Due to SundaeSwap Launch

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  • Cardano network has maintained two weeks record capacity due to SundaeSwap launch.
  • The network TVL has reached $80 million.
  • Users report a series of transactions failures after SundaeSwap launched.

Cardano (ADA) Blockchain Insight and reports that the Cardano network has steadily maintained a minimum of two weeks record capacity due to the SundaeSwap launch.

At the same time, total value locked (TVL) for the ADA blockchain has amassed $80 million at the time of writing. The SundaeSwap launch is one of the unified developments that has gone live on the Cardano network.

SundaeSwap will push Cardano’s marketing effort to document humanity’s journey of embracing innovative strategies to expand its network. Additionally, the ADA network has accumulated a profound figure of 93.19% as an average load on the blockchain.

Meanwhile, the number of ADA wallets is on the verge of smashing the 3 million mark in the market. Many ADA users reacted to the most recent Cardano network development with various levels of emotions.

Furthermore, the Cardano network is nearing full capacity due to the addition of only one DEX which has raised a series of questions on its utility. However, the ADA team stated that the Cardano network’s new wave is bringing scaling solutions to the network soon.

Reddit user Additional_Till_838 said,

I dislike this because it paints a picture of Cardano’s blockchain being overloaded and struggling to handle the load. This could scare investors away from Cardano and make them think that it is not a reliable blockchain network.

In another area of the SundaeSwap launch, users claim to have experienced transaction failure after its release to the public. In addition, many also claim that their DEX orders still remain unprocessed.

 SundaeSwap team addressed the issue;

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