“Learn to Earn” Ramps Up as Islander Mainnet Goes Live

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As blockchain grows into its own ecosystems and sub-ecosystems, it’s only a matter of time before the technology branches out into different creative corners. This was absolutely true of the dot.com era when companies like Amazon were originally online book retailers and eventually took over many different industries such as logistics and AWS services. Not everyone can be an Amazon but the Web 2.0 era started in a much different place than it is today. This is shown as it transformed into the smartphone era.

Blockchain has grown into this same “second stage”, as we see creative projects that are going beyond cryptocurrency and into a stage that provides direct value in other ways.

Islander, a decentralized platform that seeks to give project owners control over their own content and help them leverage and monetize their platform, has emerged in this second era and they are dedicated to helping revolutionize how the industry functions. In fact, Islander has just released their mainnet launch as of January 24th.

The Learn to Earn Model That Went Live

With the release of their mainnet, Islander is set to take a hold of the creative content market and help creators not only take advantage of their skills but also provide a very unique method to earning money. On what could be seen as the “farming” of the creative art works, Islander has a unique feature that enables people to earn money as they learn. Many of these learning modules are set up in the form of quests, making gamification part of the learning process and enjoyable for the user.

Incentivizing people to earn while they try to work on their skills represents a stark contrast from the days when you would need to pay to learn something. Being able to take advantage of a learning experience and make money as well demonstrates how beneficial the blockchain space can be.




For Islander, people and projects alike can benefit from the platform. Projects can launch on the mainnet and offer instruction, visuals, quests, and also give incentives to help users get rewarded for tasks. Users will have many projects to choose from and opt-out at any time. Projects can create lists of goals including KOLs, establishing marketing tactics, and overall work as a team on a decentralized level. 

Mainnet and Giveaway

Islander has most of their incentives for the mainnet established through the use of their native token ISA. With the ISA token, people can use this directly as a native currency for the projects and users alike, while also having extra features in the future such as buying exclusive content and having additional perks. It’s designed to be a token completely as a sub-ecomony currency within the platform. 

The launch of the mainnet for Islander comes at a perfect time with their giveaway of 16,000,000 ISA event, where users can take advantage of ISA tokens by participating in some of the events that are live on the site.


With the arrival of new blockchain technologies, projects like Islander are becoming the next stage of the era in what this industry can really do. The learn to earn method is great for both projects and users alike, which incentives each of them to create content that’s fair while also rewarding progress for what they accomplish. 

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