Monoverse “Frutti Dino NFT” Takes Over NFT Space With Binance Support

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    • Monoverse announces its first Frutti Dino NFT sale on Binance.
    • A total of 3000 NFTs will be available for the sale.
    • Frutti Dino expands its utility through the Binance sale.

Blockchain gaming company Monoverse officially announced the first Frutti Dino NFT sale on Binance. The event is expected to boost the value of the NFT and help users gain more profit while playing the game.

The Frutti Dino is an NFT play-to-earn that utilizes blockchain technology to fuel its network. In detail, the game expands its utility through the Binance sale, enabling players to use Frutti Dino NFTs outside the game. There will be a total of 3000 NFTs on sale — 2207 normal and 791 rare.

 Jaden Lee, CEO of Monoverse, explained,

The NFT sale is a huge milestone for Monoverse. By selling Frutti Dino on Binance, we usher in a new era for Monoverse, where our NFTs are sold and traded by not only lovers of our game, but crypto enthusiasts as well.”

In terms of gameplay, users must purchase an Amber and hatch it on the Frutti Dino website prior to buying a Dino. To provide more excitement, the game will provide a rare Dino with an exceptional tag — Genesis. This type of Dino NFT can randomly increase its stats and value later in the gameplay. The Genesis tag will only be available to rare and legendary grades NFTs.

The Republic of the Philippines is one of the countries in the world that mass adopted the NFT game and made it one of their steady sources of income.

On the other hand, the NFT space continues to rock the crypto world with its never-ending technology development. At the time of writing, the NFT space amounts to over $31 billion, a huge amount that could impact the space.