RichQUACK Launches Earthling Token, Eliminates Carbon Emissions

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  • RichQUACK launches its native token — Earthling token.
  • Earthling empowers individuals, families and businesses to restore nature
  • Earthling aims to become the leading platform for eco-education.

Hyper-deflationary crypto network RichQUACK launches its native token —  Earthling token. In detail, the token will be utilized to support Earthling, RichQUACK’s first incubated project. Furthermore, the network aims to support the farmers with reforestation that will positively impact the environment. 

 One of the RichQUACK community members explained,

We are passionate about doing our part to prevent climate change and reduce carbon emissions. We hope Earthlings will help unite crypto-enthusiasts worldwide to stop climate change and contain global warming. We are welcoming anyone who wants to make a difference and give people and organizations a chance to get on board with the great revival driven by responsibility and a sense of community.

In terms of technology, Earthling empowers individuals, families, and businesses to restore nature by purchasing carbon credits that help eliminate carbon emissions. To be specific, the mass adoption of carbon credits will contribute a lot to making a carbon-neutral world. In addition, token holders can earn carbon credits through staking. 

The token holders will be part of the Earthling DAO and have their say on potential projects to support and fund distribution between reforestation programs and non-profits.

The Katingan Mentaga project is a good example of forest projects that has already generated enough carbon credits equivalent to 2 million cars off the road each year. 

The Earthling token will be also used to support the funding for the whole project. It will also provide a seamless way to measure daily carbon emissions and offset carbon footprint by buying carbon credit through the platform. 

Moreover, Earthling aims to become the leading platform for eco-education. It also seeks to help individuals and businesses to remove one gigaton of carbon and plant 10 million trees through its reforestation program by 2030.

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