Coollaunch: Seed Sale Sells Out 92% Of Allotted Tokens, IDO & Staking Platform Demo released.

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Coollaunch has been garnering Momentum since its conception, The Cardano-based widely adopted project has seen its fast-paced team release a Demo of their IDO & Staking platform and they are looking to release their fully Functional Product before the end of Q1 2022.

Coollaunch is a Decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform built on the Cardano blockchain. Other than having just an IDO LaunchPad which allows users to Raise funds for their projects, Coollaunch is unique as its novel feature allows users to stake their $COOL Token to be eligible for NFT drops.

Since the commencement of its Token Sale on 11th of January 2022, Coollaunch has sold over 92% of its allotted tokens to early adopters for their Seed sale round and the sale will end in the following days, the sales of the $Cool token has been implemented according to the team to raise funds to support its operations, the team at Coollaunch will announce its next sale round in the event that the Seed sale allotted tokens are sold out.

  • Seed Sale Details: Seed Sale Date: 11th January, 2022 (SEED SALE IS LIVE)
  • Seed Sale Close Date: 11th February, 2022 or until Token Allocation is Expended
  • Seed Sale Allocation: 70,000,000 COOL Tokens
  • Price: 1 ADA = 666 $COOL
  • Seed Sale Link: with its two-round mechanism ensures every tier level gets allocated depending on stake. is also working on striking partnerships with influencers, marketing partners and KEVM developers resulting in a robust product.

Multi-Chain Support ensuring that Metaverse, NFT and gaming projects are able to raise capital regardless of the Blockchain.

$COOl Token

$COOL is the utility token built on the Cardano Blockchain that will power the COOLLAUNCH.IO Ecosystem, $Cool Token will be used as a subscription token to access the COOLLAUNCH.IO IDO platform.

Cool Governance

The COOLLAUNCH community is granted the power to approve all Cardano projects submitted on our Launchpad by means of governance events. $COOL holders can be able to endorse a new cardano IDO project by a voting process which will require staking your $COOL tokens in favor of a project.

Cool Staking

Users of $COOL can generate revenue by staking the tokens to  farm ADA or generate more $COOL or both. Protocol users must be involved in voting on protocol governance concepts. The Governance Contract allows users to propose and vote on protocol enhancements.

Vision Ahead

The CoolLaunch team aims to be listed on major exchanges in coming months, after the sales are completed. Meanwhile, there are several partnership planned, which will be revealed on the official Medium handle by the team. The aim behind partnership is to disseminate information, educate the community, and eventually make the project grow further.

About is a decentralized fundraising platform and startup accelerator built on Cardano, it fully supports Cardano native tokens, NFT, Metaverse projects and provides DeFi features required by new applications.

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