Slotie Juniors Are Paving the Way for Decentralized Casinos

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Gambling is a social activity that dates back to the 9th century when Chinese gamblers staked money while playing cards. Moving forward to the twenty-first century, the internet introduced a new dimension to betting with live sport betting. Despite its growth, the betting industry remains highly centralized, with little transparency and a monopoly on most transactions. Web3.0, the third iteration of the internet, appears to be a solution to the “flaws” of the centralized betting space.

Slotie Juniors NFT is bringing the gambling industry to the metaverse. Imagine walking down the street in Las Vegas without ever stepping outside; gambling in one of the world’s greatest casinos without leaving your couch. Owning a Junior Slotie is your virtual access pass to the world’s first metaverse based casino.

The Concept Of Decentralized Casinos

The biggest issue with conventional casinos is that they are centralized organizations with the ability to engage in unethical practices. This can no longer be tolerated and NFTs have opened the door for change.

According to Yahoo, the global casino market is expected to grow by $32.54 billion between 2021 and 2025. The online gambling industry has begun the process of moving towards a community shared, decentralized, and trustworthy system. However, what online casinos lack is the immersive experience that, until the creation of the metaverse, could only happen in a brick and mortar casino. That is where SlotieVerse comes in.

SlotieVerse & Slotie Juniors

SlotieVerse seeks to reinvent the online gambling industry as a decentralized virtual world secured through blockchain technology. SlotieVerse is more than just a metaverse, it is a city where users can have a fully immersive experience that rivals going to Las Vegas.

Virtual casinos in the SlotieVerse will host virtual events and offer almost all of the elements of a traditional casino. Each user of the slotie verse will have an NFT avatar and the first collection, Slotie Juniors, consists of 10,000 unique utility-based NFTs. Holders of Slotie Juniors are entitled to several benefits, including:

  • Slotie District: Each Slotie Junior gets a plot of land, a total of 10,000 plots. These plots of land create a whole district in the SlotieVerse – a Slotie District – one of the hottest areas in the SlotieVerse.
  • Exclusive Holders Reward: Holders of Slotie Junior NFTs receive additional benefits from the SlotieVerse NFT marketplace, where users can trade various digital assets. In addition, holders receive extra rewards from the Slotie Juniors’ slot machines.
  • Free Spins, Discounts, and Rakebacks: Slotie holders can attend virtual events in the SlotieVerse at a discounted price, as well as receive free spins on slot machines and rakebacks on other casino games in the SlotieVerse.
  • Wall of Owners: In the SlotieVerse, there is a wall of owners with 10,000 statues of each unique Slotie Junior. Slotie Junior holders own these statues and can name them after themselves.

The Road Ahead

The concept of decentralized casinos appears to be the long-awaited solution to the gambling industry’s flaws. As the gambling industry’s powerhouses, the growth and development of the casino sector will always positively impact the industry as a whole. SlotieVerse and other innovative metaverse projects appear to have positioned themselves as the “innovation hub” for the whole gambling industry.

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