Unizen Teams Up With Jun Capital, Creates Non Profit Crypto Firm

Source : coinquora.com


    • Unizen successfully secured funding to start a crypto non-profit organization.
    • CeDeFi Alliance brings DeFi projects and CeFi institutions together.
    • Unizen and Jun Capital collaborates with each other to create CeDeFi.

CeDeFi exchange Unizen has successfully secured funding to start a crypto non-profit organization —  CeDeFi Alliance. In detail, Unizen and Jun Capital, an investment crypto platform, will collaborate to create a Centralized Decentralized Finance (CeDeFi ) that seeks to bring DeFi projects and CeFi institutions together. Hence, making crypto assets accessible while driving mass adoption.

The partnership of Unizen and Jun Capital will focus on creating a CeDeFi foundation that will focus on providing an efficient financial system. This includes elaborate regulation, full compliance, a versatile tech toolkit, and high-impact communication to name a few.

To maintain its market stability, CeDeFi Alliance will continue to promote its interest to key stakeholders in the industry to secure institutional and governmental opportunities. It will also enable the organization to expand its global reach and create more network partnerships.

In terms of achievement, Unizen and Jun Capital together have launched the first CeDeFi incubation provider for decentralized teams — ZenX incubator. The projects and use cases that are explored in the incubator represent the technical and practical components of the financial system. At the same time, CeDeFi Alliance takes charge of the theoretical frameworks and regulation.

On the other hand, CeDeFi Alliance will be initially focused on financial applications of the centralized-decentralized approach. It will explore innovative use cases in other industries. The  CeDeFi Alliance will serve as a common ground for centralized and decentralized investors in the space–disrupting the multiple fields of blockchain and digital assets.

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