EverEarn Launch Exceeding ALL Expectations

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The EverEarn team launched Jan 28 at 8pm UTC and has been smashing records non-stop.  The EverEarn token has already paid out approximately $500,000 in BUSD to investors. The EverEarn coin (EARN) is a Binance Smart Chain blockchain platform that was created to distribute wealth to investors by providing them the highest BUSD ratio.

EverEarn Mission

The business savvy EverEarn team has exploded across the crypto-verse, amassing an incredible 1,450 people in video conference the day of presale, which incredible hype and fever over the token’s business model approach that truly prioritizes holders’ finances.  The setup to ensure the highest ratio of BUSD going to holders is beautiful;

  • 15% of initial token supply burned at launch
  • An additional 5 million tokens burned per day, every day.
  • Team wallets are capped at a tiny 5% of total supply.
  • Locked liquidity, locked staking, locked CEX, and dead wallets are excluded from rewards distribution.

The EverEarn reflections model ensures that EverEarn holders continue to receive an ever-increasing ratio of BUSD on a daily basis, and yet the team continues to push for more.

EverEarn token launched with an initial market cap of a reasonable $780,000 and steadily grew in the first 12 hours to over $6.5 million with no major corrections or drops, and over 1,700 investors…and continues to grow.

The EverEarn team’s business approach and aggressive standard for investor dApp tools, is changing minds and turning heads.  The EverEarn swap is already with the ability to make fiat purchase using GooglePay, ApplePay, Moonpay, Ramp and VISA, with staking, pooling and NFT minting to be delivered within the first 4-6 weeks of launch, making EverEarn highly attractive even without the massive reflections protentional. EverEarn has a total tax of 15% on all buys, sells and transfers, with 11% in BUSD, 2% to liquidity and buyback and burn functions, and 2% to marketing.

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