This Planet of the Apes-Inspired NFT Game Just Announced Its Whitelisting

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    • Call Of Meta is a new NFT Game about apes battling it out in the Metaverse.
    • The game features 9,770 unique 3D ape warriors.
    • To commemorate its pre-launch, few of the selected early investors can get on the whitelist to own a freshly-minted NFT.

This 2022, the NFT and blockchain gaming sectors only seem to keep on rising. NFT Gamers and collectors are always on the lookout for the next big thing– the next-generation digital ecosystem. This sector’s new play-to-earn ecosystem presents a new value proposition for NFT players and investors. One such game that shows potential is Call Of Meta.

Call Of Meta is set in a dystopian world where apes have risen into power after humanity’s departure from earth. The NFT game features a unique collection of 9,770 3D ape warriors fighting in its own metaverse. Every character is created with the highest quality and is given distinct uniforms, weaponry, and mechanics.

The game does not just introduce NFTs to own, but also uses it for unique play-to-earn functions that only add to the digital economy’s future.

Call Of Meta has also partnered with RadarZero, a leading media company in the gaming and E-sports industry. Together, they plan to maximize NFT value creation to sustain an innovative infrastructure for both gamers and investors. This partnership aims to combine Call Of Meta’s unique concept and RadarZero’s technological advancements to shape the industry’s future.

Additionally, Call Of Meta works with the blockchain value model. This means NFT gamers are rewarded with NFTs or other tokens just by playing games on the blockchain. Therefore, Call Of Meta has created a dynamic community with competitive environments alongside significant monetization opportunities for gamers and investors. Early buyers have the added advantage of their NFTs increasing in value over time. NFT gamers will see their investments skyrocket in value over the coming months and years.

Not only that, but early Call Of Meta investors have the opportunity to join its lifetime earning program. This provides first buyers with 3% of all future transactions. Call Of Meta is opening up for its pre-launch. In commemoration, a lucky few investors will be able to get on the whitelist to own a freshly-minted Call Of Meta warrior from the ‘The Blasters’ collection.

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