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Since the advent of the blockchain industry, there has been widespread crypto innovations supported by business magnates and the general public across the world. The more the crypto industry develops, the more likely it is to flourish beyond the limitations of the challenges it faces.

CoreLedger AG is one such blockchain infrastructure company, founded in 2016, which develops comprehensive blockchain solutions and use cases to respond to some of the biggest issues we face today. The company builds tools and resources for any business on the Token Economy Operating System CORELEDGER TEOS.

Johannes Schweifer, a blockchain entrepreneur and founder of many crypto blockchain startups founded CoreLedger AG in 2017. The objective of the company is to build real blockchain cases beyond mere financial and speculative applications. One of the key solutions CoreLedger is providing is to reach a ‘’true decentralized mechanism of value conversion and trading’’, submitted as a patent in 2017 when they first founded a technology called TokenWARP. Today, the company actively uses its blockchain technology solutions to showcase the true value of blockchain technology through practical business applications.

To learn how to create an effective enterprise with this transformative technology, we asked the CEO and Co-Founder of CoreLedger to put his thoughts forward.

Q. Please give us an introduction of yourself.

My name is Johannes Schweifer, and I’m CEO and co-founder of CoreLedger, as well as the co-founder of a number of startups in Switzerland, in the area now known as Crypto Valley. As a passionate engineer, (my Master’s was in Chemistry and my PhD in Distributed Computing and Quantum Chemistry) I like to find solutions to complex problems. The area doesn’t really matter as long as it is a challenge. At Bitcoin Suisse AG, which I co-founded in  2013, the challenge was to find a sustainable banking partnership and get initial funding at a stage where virtually every bank hated Crypto and Blockchain and nobody had an idea what to do with Cryptocurrencies regulatory-wise.

Although I invested early in Bitcoin and believed in blockchain technology from the very moment I first learned about it in 2011, I wanted to do more than just provide a means for speculation. CoreLedger AG was founded to pursue so-called holistic blockchain ideas and to power use cases beyond speculation and finance, because blockchain can do so much more. The biggest challenge was a true decentralized mechanism of value conversion and trading, which was submitted as a patent in 2017 when we first founded CoreLedger. We call this technology TokenWARP. Today, we are actively using our blockchain technology solutions like that one to solve real-world challenges and showcase the true value of blockchain technology through practical business applications.

Q. Can you tell us about the CoreLedger? What is special about your project?

CoreLedger is a blockchain infrastructure provider specializing in token economy solutions for businesses. We offer a powerful, flexible token economy operating system, an API, and a suite of white label products that allow you to create, manage, and trade digital assets of all kinds, whatever your particular needs may be.

Unlike other companies, which targeted the “get rich quickly” customer segment and attracted mostly speculative use cases, we looked at the big picture and asked “What is blockchain actually good for in the long run?” We came up with a set of four cornerstone features where blockchain technology is far superior than any other technology.

Then, we built an operating system which is blockchain agnostic and can also power a company’s own permissioned blockchain if necessary. With our products companies can integrate into logistics and supply chain processes, power smart locks and digital rights management projects, and of course run a token sale, too. In essence, our operating system can be used to give tokens a purpose, something extremely rare in this space.

Q. What is your primary motivation for the project?

We are techies at heart, passionate about blockchain technology and the potential it has to improve different parts of our daily lives. We want to help others see that potential, and empower businesses of all sizes to start using blockchain as quickly and easily as possible. Our motto is “make literally anything transactable” and we definitely accomplished that through products like CoreLedger TEOS and TokenWARP.

Q. In what way does CoreLedger help the blockchain space or other developing countries?

We really focus on helping to drive the adoption of blockchain technology. We do this by offering free educational materials in the form of webinars, e-books, and articles, and our flagship token economy operating system is also available in a testing and development format we call an Active Sandbox.

This product is perfect for companies who want to develop a solution quickly to raise investment, or are interested in experimenting with the technology, all without needing code. We even offer free transactions on a private Ethereum-based blockchain to keep development costs as low as possible, and also offer significant discounts on the Active Sandbox to companies from developing countries in the form of our Startup Grant Program.

Q. What other potential use cases of CoreLedger are being developed right now?

Our Active Sandbox is being used to develop use cases in a number of industries. So far we’ve worked with customers to tokenize cattle in Bolivia, meat in Argentina, Soybeans in Brazil, and 3D printing files in Switzerland. Partners have used our white label products to build a mobile game and, most recently, a digital notarization platform and a tokenized real estate business. Over the past few months we have started a number of new projects in even more industries, and we can’t wait to share them with you soon.

Q. What ongoing and future developments can we expect from CoreLedger?

We recently added native NFT support to our operating system, and have been continually updating the platform and white label products with feedback from our customers.

In 2022, we look forward to launching several new projects with customers in LATAM, UAE, Europe, and Asia, and we will also be announcing new partnerships in the coming months so stay tuned for exciting news.

Q. What do you think about the current crypto market situation right now?

We try to stay out of the crypto hype as much as possible; that being said, I’ve written in the past about my belief in the intrinsic value of Bitcoin, and my dislike of CBDCs. I do think Bitcoin will rebound this year, especially as inflation takes its toll on the market and more businesses start to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Cryptocurrencies in some form or another are here to stay, and I take a calm, long-term approach to the market. This year will see countries around the world clarify their official stance on crypto, for better or for worse, and I think the global market picture will be much clearer by the end of the year.

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