Edensol Superb Gaming Features Dominates NFT Space

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    • Edensol provides the ultimate NFT gaming experience.
    • Edensol uses SOLANA’s blockchain technology.
    • ESOL, the native digital asset of Edensol.

The non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse ecosystem continues to blow the crypto industry with its state of the art technology. In fact, the total value locked of NFT amounts to over $30 billion. This market performance of NFT makes it one of the hottest technologies in the space. As a result, investors from all over the world are now closely monitoring the progress and projects that use the NFT blockchain.

Edensol is one of the NFT play-to-earn games that take the crypto world by storm. It uses the blockchain of SOLANA to power up its network. With this, users of Edensol can experience the fast, scalable, and low transaction fee features that the SOLANA network offers. The network has its own native digital asset — ESOL. The token will be utilized to fuel the Edensol network and will play an important role in the Edensol NFT and metaverse play-to-earn game.

Furthermore, Edensol is an ultimate action role-playing game created and designed by the Golem House. The metaverse game is action-packed adventures with a positive gamer experience. Since the game uses blockchain technology, players can have real ownership of the game items they acquired and purchased.

To ensure a great user experience, Edensol provides great features that users can look forward to. First, extraordinary gameplay, allowing players to choose unique heroes who can battle monsters on various quests in the game. Second, valuable nfts, the game offers valuable collectibles such as special weapons, limited skin, pets, eggs, and more for enthusiasts and gaming alike.

Third, epic tournaments, a place where players can freely participate and win ESOL – native crypto asset of the network. In addition, eSport lovers can stream matches and actively bet on the outcome with ESOL, together with players – ultimately boosting the game’s popularity and engagement.

Last but not least, land NFTs & guilds, a feature in the game that offers a territory within a determined metaverse. This land has the ability to grow its value over time and can generate passive income to those who acquire it. In addition, the lands can be conquered by guilds, a group of players who stake tokens to occupy land and fight for rare NFTs.

On the other hand, Edensol seeks to dominate this new era and be recognized in the gaming, NFT and investing and VC communities. By leveraging its unique gameplay and NFTs, both investors and gamers are positioned to benefit from its immense growth potential.

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