Metaverse Users to Benefit From Fully Decentralized Compliance Created by Astra Protocol in the Sandbox

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    • Astra Protocol announces it has set up a compliance hub in the Sandbox virtual world.
    • This will equip the metaverse users with a decentralized compliance layer.
    • Users can connect to its DLN, gain accreditation, and receive a non-transferrable NFT.

Astra Protocol, a cutting-edge legal and compliance layer that provides unparalleled assurance to public blockchains, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Compliance Hub in the Sandbox virtual environment.

According to the team, the new Compliance Hub will provide a decentralized compliance layer to metaverse users, including Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) features.

Astra Protocol’s team affirms it uses unique technology and the experience of trusted legal firms to resolve on-chain compliance challenges. Therefore, Astra’s new Compliance Hub aims to make the metaverse developing frontier safer for all parties.

To deliver the best KYC/AML services available, Astra has built a unique Decentralized Legal Network (DLN) that includes all of the top worldwide legal and audit firms. The DLN includes 195 countries, ensuring that rules can be met practically everywhere on the planet.

Users in the metaverse can go to Astra’s Compliance Hub, connect to its DLN, become accredited, and receive a non-transferable NFT that enables them privileged access to otherwise inaccessible special events.

More than that, this whitelisting procedure ensures that after a user’s identification has been verified, they can participate in all of the exciting metaverse events without fear of their identity being compromised.

Astra’s services are desisged to help users overcome identification problems while also safeguarding them from malicious accounts. Jez Ali, the founder of Astra Protocol, expresses his excitement about entering into the metaverse,

We are delighted to announce the Astra Protocol’s entry into the metaverse with our first plot in The Sandbox. The future of metaverse development will be a long-lasting and innovative mission which has already shown incredible growth and is an exciting area of Web3. By deploying the first Compliance Hub in the metaverse, we can support this growth by adding a layer of protection for users across the world.

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