This NFT Ticketing Platform Might Just Dictate the Future of Music NFTs

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    • NFT Music and Metaverse events have surged in popularity in recent years.
    • This new model helps artists earn better, and audiences to experience more events.
    • Centaurify is a platform that aims to make these events even more accessible to the public.

In the past years, digital media has transformed to include and adopt remote events. We have been able to speak to people, experience music and concerts, conduct meetings, and feel community despite physical barriers.

In fact, this mass adoption has turned comfortable to many people and has resulted in the rise of select industries. NFT music, events, and the Metaverse are a few of those select industries. Now, new platforms have emerged with the goal to further transform the industry.

Centaurify is a platform that allows users to enter the metaverse to explore the latest in NFT music. Its goal is to make NFT events accessible to laymen and allow them to support their favorite artists in the process.

This follows the surge of metaverse and NFT hype as a result of the pandemic isolations. Now the adoption of these virtual spaces is on the rise.

Centaurify is aiming to achieve seamless NFT event adoption through the use of multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano. It utilizes NFTs with smart contracts to allow anyone to join virtual concerts or events. The platform’s features are for the support of music NFTs to ticketing for metaverse concerts. Most importantly, Centaurify features interoperability and operates as a cross-platform service provider.

All these features and services follow the rise of other metaverse platforms that have organized concerts for the likes of artists such as Steve Aoki. Warner Music Group has been diving into the metaverse. Meanwhile, celebrities like Eminem, Paris Hilton, and Snoop Dogg are launching their collections.

Notably, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda sold his music as NFTs and received a hefty $11,000. The NFT space has been offering economic benefits, copyrights, ownership, data security, and business simplicity. Despite starting out as a trend, Music NFTs are showing signs of staying longer. It showed significant growth between the early days of June 2020 to May 2021, with sales crossing $65 million worldwide.

Centaurify aims to further strengthen the surge of popularity and accessibility of NFT music. This mass adoption of NFT music and the metaverse will only result in more artists turning their music and albums into NFTs. The change aims to benefit both creators and the mass audience.

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