Sandman Finance Endless NFT’s Cards

The Sandman Finance team is happy to provide The Endless NFTs Cards as part of the community’s adventure across the sandman world. The Sandman Finance Gambling Engine will be NFT’s Cards. The Chain-link Randomness engine will produce each skill at random. Simply keeping the NFT card in your wallet will provide you with benefits across all tiers. Sandman Finance’s 7 Layers will continue to profit from NFT.So yet, there have been no NFTs characters released for the seventh layer.Sandman Finance previous NFTs are discussed in this article.So lets get started!

Dream Is The First Layer (Sandman)

“When the first sentient life forms capable of dreaming arose in the cosmos, a dream was formed. A dream is the ruler of all dreams, myths, and everything that does not exist in reality as one of the seven limitless and inconceivably strong deities. He has complete control over all dreams, nightmares, and sleeplessness in the universe thanks to his power tools.”

Delirium Is The Second Layer

“Delirium is the master and personification of all Delirium and Sanity, and one of the seven Endless, inconceivably strong entities. She has godlike abilities and ultimate control over her domain, a chaotic, ever-changing jumble of colours, weird things, and shapes. She can impart sanity or lunacy to everyone or everything within her reach.”

Despair Is The Third Layer

“Despair is the Endless’ second-youngest member. Her domain is a gloomy, foggy place full of rats and mirrors that she uses to see people in their sorrow. Despair’s symbol is a hooked ring that she wears on her left hand and uses to rip at her skin.”

Destruction Is The Fourth Layer

“Destruction is the Endless’ fourth oldest child. He is Dream’s younger brother. Olethros is another name for him. He is known as The Prodigal because he is the only Endless who has abandoned his realm and obligations. He doesn’t have a symbol in the galleries because he abandoned his realm, but he does have his gallery (which has a sword, his previous sigil).”

Desire Is The Fifth Layer

“Desire is the Endless’ third youngest child and Despair’s twin. Desire, the anthropomorphic incarnation of its name, fits in seamlessly with every environment it encounters. Desire is unquestionably the cruellest of the Endless. It appears to be concerned with meddling in the affairs of its elder siblings, with a particular dislike for Dream. The rationale behind its attitude is unclear, but it appears to be a cruel form of infantile one-upmanship. Desire may not be fully aware of the repercussions of its acts, but it deems them irrelevant in the end.”