COOLLUANCH’S AMA Recap Ahead of Public Pre-Sale Launch




Coollaunch team is thrilled to update the community regarding its recent AMA session. One of the Coollaunch team members, Latisha Clarke, successfully represented and spread awareness about the platform among Coollaunch Community.

The session was held in three parts, Introduction, Telegram Community Questions, and Quiz session. While the team kept insights on the session, here’s a glimpse of all that transpired during this session through this AMA RECAP.

About Coollaunch

Coollaunch is a Cardano-based platform and a project accelerator, designed to leverage DeFi innovations in stepping up fundraising For Crypto, NFT, and metaverse projects On the Cardano Ecosystem





Hello community, we will be welcoming Latisha Clarke “ Product Manager “at Coollaunch to introduce the project to the Community after that the community can ask about anything they want to know about the project.

Stay COOL guys

Coollaunch PM: Hello COOL community, thanks for having me I am here to answer most questions that you have been itching to ask about the project but before that let me give a brief introduction to the COOLLAUNCH project. is a platform for Initial Decentralized Platforms “IDO’s built on the Cardano blockchain-powered by $COOL which have numerous use cases. What we are developing is an exciting new platform for investors to participate in Initial Dex offerings in a fair, inclusive and most importantly have low barriers to entry while also utilizing the low gas fees of the Cardano blockchain.

Coollaunch admin: Thank you for the brief introduction to the COOLLAUNCH project, now we are going to open up our messages for the community to ask questions after that we will disable it again to allow you to answer the questions

02:08 PM


Q1: Thank you for this opportunity, so please walk us through Coollaunch’s 2022 marketing strategies to attract new users. Cos I am personally worried about this

Coollaunch PM: When we kicked off our seed sale we were experiencing some marketing challenges but we have been able to fix that by reshuffling our marketing team and we are currently negotiating with social media influencers that believe in our project. Just yesterday we were able to sign a partnership agreement which will be officially announced soon.

Q2: When will the staking platform be ready, could we do some testing or play around the next time? When starts the pre-sale, and which price will be offered?

Coollaunch PM: Staking platform is still undergoing development when ready we will announce it here and yes we are going to run a testnet prior to deployment of our staking platform. The Public pre-sale will be our next round of sale after that the ISPO sale where community can stake their ADA in our own staking pool and receive COOL in return the price is yet to be fixed for the Public pre-sale and one thing is certain it will be higher than the seed sale price

Q3: Let’s dive into your tokens $COOL. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of the $COOL use cases?

Coollaunch PM: You can learn more about our $COOL Token use cases below

Q4: In the white paper, you only show 3 Heads of the project. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Coollaunch PM: Our founder Louis Tremblay was active on TG and other social media handles but he deactivated most of his social media platforms due to a lot of spam messages but he remains active on Twitter. But I must say that some of our team members remain anonymous.

Q5: Please introduce me to the Coollaunch project. What are your initial ideas and mission? I am actually new to this hoping to join your next sales… Please reply

Coollaunch PM: CoolLaunch is a Cardano-based platform and a project accelerator, designed to leverage DeFi innovations in stepping up fundraising For Crypto, NFT, and metaverse projects On the Cardano Ecosystem. COOlLaunch will provide a safe platform for any user to research, manage, and quantify their current and future IDO’s (Initial Dex Offerings) and Token Presales on the Cardano Ecosystem.

Q6: Is the max supply fixed or would you extend this in the future?

The maximum supply is fixed, we don’t have any plans to go beyond our maximum supply in the future

Q7: Where can we find out more about Coollaunch?

Coollaunch PM: Coollaunch Official Links Website: Telegram: Twitter: Blog: 

Q8: How will the future IDO projects be selected and funded?

Coollaunch PM: If a project is launching an IDO, it means the project is launching a coin or token via a decentralized liquidity exchange Futures like advanced pre-sale filtering options, multiple added value metrics, Ai bots, and more will be used to select projects launching on our platform

Q9: Which projects would come to our IDO Platform maybe 3 from the screens? , and which partnering is coming the next time?

Coollaunch PM: Just maybe those 3 will come first but remember that’s just a demo, yes more partnerships will come in.

Q10: Does CoolLaunch have any other features coming in aside from the current mission of the project?

Coollaunch PM: Yea we will be adding more features as we are expanding gradually, there will be a COOLWALLET where you will be able to trade Cardano tokens in the future. You will be able to buy and sell cardano tokens, COOLWALLET will be powered by $COOL with this there will be added value to $COOL

Q11: I am also worried about the FUD being spread around the project… Do you have plans of addressing and changing these narratives? What are these plans?

Coollaunch PM: We have been distracted a lot lately. Some ongoing negotiations/partnerships are being compromised because of some of us here All the negative comments are loopholes for us all here. What our potential partners needed was to meet a strong community believing and supporting their moon project. We do not have any negative intentions towards our investors here. We took the action of banning fudders here to avoid misinterpretation of COOLLAUNCH to new and potential investors that are yet to understand our project. Our team members have received numerous emails from ONE banned FUDDER threatening to bring COOLLAUNCH project down by all means, he has also recruited some of our community members to help him achieve this goal. Let’s glue together for the success of this project. We have come so far to give in to threats.



1. What product is Coollaunch building?

2. Which blockchain is Coollaunch built on?

3. What do you like most about Project Coollaunch?

4. In what areas should the Coollaunch team improve?

5. What is $COOL Token?

6. Mention two (2) use cases of COOL

7. How can you purchase $COOL?

8. What price was COOL sold in the seed sale?

9. How many tier systems does coollaunch have at the moment?

10.  What do you understand by the term MULTI-CHAIN support?