Martial Spirit Odyssey announces Mint Pass launch!

Martial Spirit Odyssey is reimagining the gaming industry through a unique metaverse based on NFTs, mainly dedicated to combating sports and martial arts. MSO is launching its Mint Passes on February 7th with only 5,000 to grab!

Funded and built-in collaboration with combat sports, NFTs & next-gen game fans who trust and share democratic and decentralized values, MSO is a spokesperson Metaverse proposing an online AR/VR multiplayer fighting game with full playable 3D NTFs. Each NFT holder will be a stakeholder of MSO Metaverse and will have the ability to choose the direction that this project will take over the coming years, with a single voice voting system, according to rules defined and accepted by all participants in the project.

As soon as the NFTs are released (first drop on Q1 2022), and MSO ecosystem is in motion, significant incentive protocols will be introduced, in a spirit of a fair launch, for early access to Mint Pass and NFT holders.

Early MINT PASS holders (drop on February 7th, 2022, at the fixed price of 0.2 ETH) will become part of MSO’s founding community, helping the project come to fruition, whilst securing a spot on all upcoming drops’ Green Lists. As “OGs” of MSO forever, they will receive further utility such as expected Game theory, incentives, airdrops, exclusives and collaborations with other communities and projects!

MSO NFTs – More Than Collectibles

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, connected TV, with MSO playable 3D NTFs, people will compete or train in different ways. With MSO Arcade Game, a new generation of spectacular fighting games, everyone can challenge players from all over the world and create combat tournaments. With MSO Training Game, players can train themselves in VR & Connected TV to increase their avatars skills and techniques.

MSO NFTs are triple-A quality oriented (Art, Asset, Adventure) designed by CGI artists, with numerous rarity factors allowing holders and gamers a wide range of profits sources, and unique digital experiences.

MSO community can earn more revenues by staking MSO Characters (All four drops in 2022). As MSO Metaverse will include an in-game marketplace system, allowing players to buy, sell, lend/borrow and auction items with each other. This is a great way for the players to employ monetization and turn their valuable time/skills into money generating opportunities for themselves.

MSO Partners

Numerous athletes from a wide variety of martial arts and combat sports have already joined MSO Metaverse as well as iconic brands.

About MSO – A Combination of Experts

Experienced Entrepreneurs: Serial entrepreneurs and experts from the industry with a proven track record in sports, software development, blockchain solutions, and marketing. Rudy Jonstomp, the founder, is a martial arts entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience: combat events organization, combat sports pro equipment designer, online media.

Bemersive company is co-founder of MSO, since the very beginning. Thanks to their strong experience, these French pioneers in Metaverse industry are building the world of MSO and guarantee high-end quality in terms of creative production, 3d technologies, and business strategy.

Boris Jonstomp is a high-level athlete titled in several disciplines: Kickboxing, Full contact, MMA, Wrestling, BJJ black belt. He’s a pioneer in Vale tudo and MMA and was part of the first French MMA team. He is currently a professional coach working for several titled champions in the largest combat sports organizations SolidAnim Studio is convinced that the future of virtual production will be real-time. Its engineers and artists work daily to propose new innovative solutions in the production sector, solutions that already made their proofs.

MSO – board of Advisors

A group of experienced and influential business leaders willing to help the MSO Metaverse become more successful.

Jean-Marcel Nicolai, COO @Atari, former Senior Vice President, Global Production @Disney

Pierre Paperon, Engatica Top 50 «The most prominent Digital Futurists to watch out for in 2022″, Strategist, blockchains, NFTs, Metaverses, Web3, DAO…

Marina Narishkin, General Manager @Millimages, former General Manager @TF1 Licensing

Manuel Sainsily, UX/XR Design Manager, Digital Twins @Unity

Emmanuel Linot, CEO @Solidanim

Alexandre Michelin, Founder @KIF-KnowledgeIMMERSIVEForum, former General Maner @Microsoft MSN Europe & Africa

Steve Moradel, Tech entrepreneur and & renowned strategist, co-founder @Bemersive, one of the leading influencers within the digital community in France.

Stéphane Juffé, CEO and co-founder @Bemersive, co-owner @French Lab Agency, film director, creative director.



Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.